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Tomas Vokoun: I Love South Florida, May Just Return

Vokouncelebrate Tomas Vokoun said he has not closed the door on returning to the Panthers next season, saying he – like others – is excited about the direction Dale Tallon is taking the franchise.

Vokoun downplayed what appeared to be a sour relationship with DeBoer, but did say there was some friction.

Vokoun will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career on July 1 unless he and the Panthers come to an agreement beforehand.

“Sometimes I didn't agree with [DeBoer's] decisions and I let him know. I was completely honest with him and he was with me,'' Vokoun said.

“I'm sure this isn't the best way to negotiate as a free agent, but I like South Florida and they are building the right way. It's been said for a long time, but based on [Tallon's] track record, they have the right people.''

Said Tallon: “[Vokoun] has stated he wants to remain a Panther and we'll look at every possible angle to who is making our team and who is going to be the starting goalie for us. We have a lot of time to make that decision. We had a good meeting today, very positive. He wants to be a Panther and we'll see what happens.''

-- Vokoun did have a lot of good things to say about the Tampa Bay Lightning, although he was using that franchise to say good things about the Panthers. He thinks the Panthers may not have had as much as Tampa did when they started their rebuild, but sees similarities.


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gr sure didn't take the day off today! Thanks for all the updates

Mistake #1 this off season: Tallon does not resign Vokoun.

Right there this team is worse off. Tallon would be a liar if this happens.

They better resign him. If not, we will have a top 3 pick again next year.

this sth guy has great comments eh! got to love people like this. never anything good to say. and yeah i agree ac thanks alot GR great job!

You guys obviously do not realize how good this team would be if we got another top 3 pick next year. It would set is up for the rest of the decade. Adding a Couturier/Hopkins/Landedkog this year, along with Yakupov next year, who is compared to Ovechlin, would give us quite the core for Tallon to go out and fill in the right supporting cast via UFA. Tallon just needs to get a fill in until Matkstrom is ready, get to the cap floor, and let his coach get a head start on the youth, with an eye an the 2012 draft and free agency period. Yes, it's another season of playoff-less hockey, but the payoff would be worth much more than us sneaking into the playoffs as a low seed, only to get knocked out early, AND lose draft positioning.

many people have been very critical on these blogs, but with the way this team has performed, it is hard to dispute them.

I happen to agree that this team needs a first class goalie like Vokun. It was no coincidence that we won against Washington when he returned. Markstrom won't be ready for at least a year, so having Vokun back for a two year contract would be great.

Tallon has a few bucks to spend, so we should be able to pay him at least as much as anyone else would without sacrificing cap dollars.


I hope TVo is signed to a 2-year deal. Nothing more, nothing less.

8.5 for 2 years 4.5 for first year 4 for the second year is my opinion

I doubt they would offer him that much. I can't see any year breaking 4. I would be surprised at a 2 year 7.5M deal.

I think there are 2 obstacles to the this deal... dollars and time. Tomas is probably looking for 3 years, Panthers 2. Panthers don't want to take a large cap hit with him, because they want to save room for players they want longer term.

My guess is that if he signs a 2 year it will be closer to the 7 mil range, and if it is 3 years, 9 - 10 mil at most.

I hope both parties make it happen, becuase he is a class act and a first rate goalie.

Panthers need a number one goalie. Vokoun makes the most sense since he is one of the best UFAs and he wants to be here. It would be a huge mistake not to sign him, he could sign with Tampa and Panthers may never win a game against them for years with their offense and his goaltending. A lot of points lost to Tampa could cost the Panthers in the standings not just for next year where most don't care but for the couple years after when we will care. Tampa will be a powerhouse with Stamkos for years and with Vokoun tough to beat. The repercussion of not signing him now could come back to haunt the Panthers later. One thing is for sure, Clemmenson is not a number one goalie and our goalie of the future needs more time in the AHL.

I agree with you Puck. It will just come down to Vokun and the Panthers making a deal that both could live with.

Tallon was burned in Chicago by overpaying people and with having long term contracts. That is part of the reason why a team that just won the cup had to dissmantle so rapidly to stay within the cap.

He has learned that lesson and won't make the same mistake with Vokun. I want Vokun back and believe we need him, but I hope the respective parties' numbers are within negotiating range to make it happen.

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