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Rocking the Red: Florida Panthers Return to their Roots

Red The Florida Panthers may be working on their "Blueprint" this week as Jack Skille has been resigned to a two-year deal and Kevin Dineen has been hired to be the franchise's 11th coach.

On the ice, however, the Panthers want you to see red.

Red as in 1993.

Red, hoping they can make that rhyme with win.

The Panthers are shifting their marketing focus this summer to coincide with their return to their orginal look.

A restyled red jersey will become Florida's primary jersey this season -- the first time the red will be the team's primary home jersey since the early 2000s when it was relegated to alternate thirds and then dropped during the Reebok restyle in 2007. I was told Alan Cohen hated the red look, and for parts of his ownership, the team only wore that color on weekends.

Jetblue I have seen mockups with the new circle logo -- which debuted on the Tampa Bay JetBlue thirds -- on them although I have been told it will be the leaping cat on the front. Sans stick.

No word on whether the JetBlues will return as the alternate for a third season. Florida may keep the home blue jerseys it has worn since the 2007-08 season as the alternate. When I find out about the thirds, will let you know.

And according to the 'Blueprint' logo on the Panthers website, the crossing palm tree-hockey stick logo will remain as well. There have been rumors that the FLA logo from the JetBlues would make it onto the new/old jerseys. Not if Bill Torrey has anything to say about it, though.

The Panthers will unveil the new/old jersey at the draft with the picks in St. Paul rocking the new threads.

Offseason -- The Panthers are going to push the red hard this offseason. 'Rock the Red' is part of Washington's marketing, so that's out.

The Panthers marketing campaign will be red-related as well.

Here are some possibilities (some for real, some I made up):

Bleed Red: With the team's financial questions, this will only lead to more Quebec City jokes.

City of Red: Begs a question of which city the Panthers actually represent. And also will bring up the team's financial concerns.

Better Red than Dead: This will sell well in South Florida.

Red, White and Proud: The road jerseys are white.

Big Red: It's also a fine chewing gum.

Redvolution: Well, lets just wait and see what makes the cut.

Sticks -- The Panthers -- err, Sunrise Sports & Entertainment -- is using lots of red in its non-hockey marketing as well. The video board outside the arena has been advertising various concerts with lots of red in the graphics.

FLA -- SSE has also talked about possibly upholstering the lower bowl in all red. I've been told there have been people out to the arena to talk about how feasible this is.

The current arena color scheme (green lower bowl, beige club level, blue uppers) was designed to resemble the look of the everglades when H. Wayne's crew was designing things.  




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Best news ever!!
GR u are prohobited from taking vacation or covering another sportinstead of the cats ever again!

Been sitting at home doing nothing...leave town for a few days and look what happens...

they are doing everything right it is about time i am looking forward to the rebuild! tallon is doing everything right loving it lets get hopkins

Sit home more often George. Thanks for the update.

BTW- were you serious that SSE was thinking of redoing the color of the seats? Hey, how about spending money on players, ya know? They'll do anything to market something new for a year.

yes yes yes YES!! finally.. what an exciting time day!!!

Where can I buy a few of these for the draft party? WOO-HOO!

Am I the only one that is a bit disheartend by the red becoming the home jersey? Granted I really wanted the third to be a variation of our currents with the red as the primary color, but instead we recieved the Penguin ripoff. I just really hope that the current jerseys remain because I really do think that our current primaries are the most (for lack of a better word) badass in the NHL.

they need to keep the original logo as well as the red.

Any truth that Red Bull is the new sponsor of the uniforms? :)

I still don't understand this organization/fans. Any true hockey person doesn't give a sh_t about what jersey the team wears. We care about wins and loses not blue or red. So typical.

George, in light of what happened in Atlanta yesterday how about an article on the financial state of the Panthers and how safe/unsafe their future is in this market. Would be interesting.

@hank, I agree and disagree. Any true hockey person doesn't care about the color, but there is a certain history with certain colors. The color scheme of the Panthers includes the red and fans from the beginning know that the red signifies something special. The crappy blue that was introduced two years ago was just an additional part of ripping the heart and soul out of this team.

Although nothing has happened yet, I can say that I like the direction Tallon is taking this team. I think if he is allowed to continue to build this team, they may finally succeed, which would mean more people at the arena, and hopefully less in your face advertisements.

I for one am very excited to have a red jersey again. New coach, new (old) jersey, new team, new attitude.

Yea, I agree with Exiled Oiler, what's the current situation with the Cats? Are the a franchise that would possibly move? I believe the Yotes and Blue Jackets are ahead of them, if nothing else. I've read the Blue Jackets lost $20+ mil last year.

Give us some insite George!!!

Can we not talk about wins/losses 24 hours a day? Yeah yeah yeah, that's the most important thing - duh, winning!

But the blue jerseys ala the Penguins are lame, so I'm actually happy to see the reds come back. Maybe it'll add a little fire to this group next season.

I'm stoked for the Cup finals to begin tonight!

PANTHERS AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE! . . . cool it people. the miami/south florida met area is simply too big a market for the nhl to pull out of so soon, tallon ruiz is right - phoenix/columbus and possibly nashville (despite their great run, attendance still sucks in the reg) would be considered far before the panthers.

all its takes is winning people, as much as it highlights the fickle nature of fans, its true. the nhl could get big revenues from us selling out more often with an arena the size of the b.a.c (without the tarps), and not giving tickets away for the price of air. so the they won't give up until it sees what happens when we're awesome again . . . and this is something that's becoming more and more of a possibility with the way things are headed, only time will tell of course

P.S the jerseys DO matter, obviously not as much as what's on the ice, but if you could chose between our team decked out in the vintage panthers red associated with success or the jet blue jerseys associated with . . . well, 'jetblue' - you'd chose the scarlet throwbacks for christs sake!

um, the south florida market is smaller than Atlanta in population and TV market size and Nashville has actually made money since they got new ownership unlike the Panthers. This is a story that needs to be told. Yes, Phoenix is definitely on the ropes and Columbus might be too but where do the Panthers actually stand financially? I don't see them moving anytime soon but what happened yesterday should concern fans of a team as troubled as the Panthers. It's nice to say winning will cure the Panthers but it's been a record setting ten seasons since they made the playoffs. That better change soon.

It's a good thing for teams like the Panthers, Columbus etc. that there really aren't anymore spots to move teams to right this minute now that Winnipeg has landed the Thrashers. But Quebec City will have their new arena done supposedly in 2015 and they will looking to fill it.

Happy to see the red jerseys making a come back over the home blues but I would like to see the Panthers redesign the uniforms completely. Was never a big fan of the logo or the color scheme but the older unis were definitely better.

Iv always liked the panthers colors except the blue/baby blue. they ruined the jersey for me tho when they added the pipline along the arms. Either put the 3rd jersey template on or put the orginal design

Someone mentioned "miami/south florida met area is simply too big a market for the nhl to pull out of so soon".
Well actually they pulled out of Miami more than 10 years ago and by this alienated the biggest South Florida market. Today's arena being in the middle of nowhere is just too far from everything. They shot themselves in the foot. Just look at all successful NHL franchises and where their arena is located, none in the middle of nowhere. The AAA should have been designed to host Basketball and Hockey.

BEST NEWS EVER!!! Can't wait to see the new red sweaters!!

The brand and look of a team is very important. It's the team's identity, and it becomes the identity of the community and fans as well. It's bad enough to be embarrassing on the ice, but with those light blue numbers we looked even worse. The Marlins (Jeff Loria) are throwing their history in the trash come 2012 by getting rid of teal and black, but at least the Cats are coming to their senses! And it's a nice tie in with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers and the Heat who's colors include red and yellow. Now let's win like we did in those red jerseys in the 90s!!

Go Cats!!

The Sunrise arena was built before the AAA...the Panthers wanted out of Miami Arena and brokered a deal with Broward in 1997...Pat Riley famously refused to go, saying he didn't come to Miami to coach in Broward...the Heat stayed at Miami Arena for a few more seasons before it got its own arena..Sunrise arena is designed to host basketball as well...I do agree though that the Panthers are making an epic mistake by acting like Dade County doesn't exist.

Is American Airlines Arena considered suitable for hockey if the need ever arose or is it not compatible with it?

Before the move, the Panthers checked there STH base & realized that most of them were in Broward/Palm Beach. Most importantly, both Huizinga & Aronson wanted to have control of their own arenas. It worked for both of them. Huizinga got more money for the Panthers when he sold the team a couple of years later, & Aronson was able to bamboozle Miami to pick up a major cost of the AAA (remember the Referendum where a No vote meant Yes?). Meanwhile, while Broward County hasn't seen any money from it's deal with the Panthers, because they are losing money, SSE is doing just fine, thank you.
The unwillingness of Dade County fans to drive to the BAC should be a cautionary tale to the Marlins & their new stadium. On the other hand, Luria & Sampson would build the stadium on top of a landfill (wasn't that one of the areas they looked into)as long as someone else is willing to pony up the bucks.

The location should not matter. People should come from all over South Florida. The Panthers haven't been any good since they left Miami, that's why Dade doesn't show up. You can shoot up 75 and get to the BAC fairly easily from Miami. I live in Broward and make the trek to the AAA for Heat games(I was there Tuesday night). I even drove to Tropical Park to see Miami FC play. Broward makes sense for the Panthers if you think about it. Dade has the Heat, Dolphins, Marlins and Canes. The Panthers can tap fans from Broward, which is as big in terms of population as several pro sports markets on it's own, not even counting Miami/Dade and PBC.

Any true hockey person doesn't give a sh_t about what jersey the team wears. We care about wins and loses not blue or red. So typical.

Posted by: hank

Bull, maybe you are a Johnny come Lately, but I was a Panthers fan when they started with the original red jersey. They should stick with the jersey that they wore when they went to the Stanley cup final, it has tradition of greatness. Do you think the Detroit Redwing fans would put up with a change in jersey colors? Of course not but they treat Panthers fans like children changing the jerseys every few years. The jerseys they wear now are ugly. And a real Panthers fan wouldn't wear that krap. I am sure a Redwing fan would be disgusted if they changed their jersey. A real hockey fan cares about winning and cheering for their team in their tradition original jersey not some blue pajamas that a bad designer came up with to sell more merchandise.

For the record if Panthers played in AAA I would go to half as many games at most. Miami is too far for me. I use to go to the Mimai Arena and drove to I think it was the Sheraton Hotel near Hollywood and took a $10.00 bus ride so I wouldn't have to drive to Miami. Best thing Panthers ever did was move to Sunrise.

Actually, for the first couple of years, when the Panthers were putting a competative team on the ice, attendance @ the BAC (or whatever it was called back then) was good.

The Heat & the Panthers have always drawn different demographics. The Heat play a sport which is better understood by more people. They have also always attracted more of the downtown Miami/SoBe crowd (at least for the Lower Bowl). The Panthers on the other hand are still playing what is a niche sport down here. A much higher percentage of their STH (I've been one since the beginning, so I see who comes to the STH meetings)are transplants. Also, a large number of folks who only go to a few games a year are either other transplants who still root for their "home" team, or tourists from that region.

South Florida is still an event/front runner area when it comes to sports. Right now you can give tickets away (& God knows the Panthers do that a lot), & you still won't attract people from Miami-Dade. Folks will start coming to games when the Panthers start playing playoff hockey.

Yes. It is written.

Panther issues have absolutely nothing to do with arena location. The team has not only sucked for much of the past decade they have been completely boring to watch as well.
Put a good team on the ice that can score more than twice a game, make the playoffs and fans will start to come back.

@Puckbubba I like the red sweater better too but a tradition of "greatness"? that's a little overboard for a team that has made 3 playoff appearances in 17 seasons. The word greatness and Panthers should never be used together.

"Tradition of greatness" might be a little overboard yes, but there was definitely a "moment of greatness" in 1996. And the red jerseys are a big part of how long-time fans identify with that cup run.

Call it nostagia, but anything that helps wipe away the last 10 years of Panthers hockey from people's minds and bring them back to the good ole' days can only help. ...I'd buy a nice new red one, I wouldn't even touch a dark blue Jetblue one.

How soon until the team moves to TORONTO or HAMILTON, or SEATTLE?

The NHL will probably never be in Hamilton (Toronto and Buffalo seemingly will never allow it). People keep mentioning Seattle now but the fact is Seattle needs a new building to replace Key Arena which is why the NBA Sonics just moved to Oklahoma City. The building is outdated and very unfriendly for NHL hockey anyways so it wouldn't even work as a temporary home. I know some people in Seattle have inquired about owing a team recently but it's completely unrealistic without a new arena and it's hard for me to see the city of Seattle ante up for one in this economy. Most likely no one is moving again until Quebec City gets it's new arena finished which isn't until at least 2015 and that is probably going to be Phoenix. If Glendale pulls the plug on funding the Coyotes losses in the next year or two I could see Bettman letting them go to QC early but only if construction has started on the new arena meaning it's a done deal (some political opposition is being worked out right now) and guaranteed to get finished (they could play in the Nords old building until it's ready). Bettman has repeatedly said for a city to get a relocated team it has to have market viability, solid ownership and a new or new enough building. Winnipeg was the only place in North America that had all three which is why they got the Thrashers and almost got the Coyotes before that. Fans and the press for that matter, like to throw around all these cities that troubled teams could move to but during the whole 2 year fiasco with the Coyotes, Winnipeg was the only place that was a real possibility. Not one US city tried to get the Coyotes or Thrashers which means the likes of Seattle, Kansas City, Portland, Houston and Las Vegas either aren't ready to or can't meet all 3 items on Bettman's check list or they simply do not want an NHL team in their city.

i love my panthers dont care what jersey they wear just want to win.got to see them twice when i was on rand r from iraq destroyed toronto lets go panthers

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