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Bruins Parade Televised Saturday ... Where Would Panthers Go?

Marlinsboat The Dallas Mavericks had their parade on Thursday. The Bruins will have theirs on Saturday morning (more below).

Let us gaze WAY into the future and ponder this: What IF the Panthers were to win the Stanley Cup? Where would the team hold the parade?

Since the Panthers play way out in the burbs, they really don't belong to any one major metropolitan center of South Florida.

When the Marlins won the World Series in 2003, they held a traditional parade in downtown Miami as well as a boat parade down the New River in Fort Lauderdale.

Kind of like that idea.

Of course, the Devils and Hurricanes both held their Cup parades in the parking lots of their home arena. The Carolina parade was pretty cool, the Canes starting the NC Canescup State football stadium before working their way back around the perimeter of the arena.

The Panthers could always hold the parade around the access road of the Sawgrass Mills Mall and then hold a rally in the arena parking lot across the street.

I doubt the Panthers would hold anything south of the Broward County line, so that means a traditional parade down Flagler Street in Miami is out. Downtown Fort Lauderdale -- maybe down Las Olas -- is more likely.

One thing is for certain: The parade will be sponsored by someone.

Of course, this is something no one is worried about right now. But, if you want to vote on your selection, have at it. A new On Frozen Poll is below.

As far as the Florida Bruins go, NHL Network will carry the NESN coverage of the Bruins' parade from TD Garden to Copley Plaza starting Saturday at 10 a.m. NHL.com will also stream the parade.



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I vote for a parade down Sunset Strip in downtown Sunrise with ticker tape being thrown from the city center's skyscrapers...Oh, wait?

I vote for in quebec city

Yackman will hold the parade at a nearby Lexus dealer so he can get another Lexus to drive for free. The sponsor will be a restaurant he can eat in for free for several years - maybe Bova Prime? Oh, wait a minute.
A local gym will somehow be involved so Yackman can squeeze a year out of their personal trainer. Certainly, Yackman's favorite soft drink company will be involved so he can load up on more freebies for the home.
Of course, Yackman will sell the television rights, pocket 55 percent, and tell Viner expenses were more than he thought.

The Panthers would go wherever someone was willing to sponsor the parade and have it, including at the office of the urology doctor who's ad is on the urinal freshners.

GR, you really opened the door on this one! ;-)

Luckily, as long as the Panthers have the same ownership and CEO, we will never have to make this decision. Only decision now is what 3rd line free agents to sign, knowing they will try to pass them off on the fans as 1st liners.

Watching it now.... they said that it was the largest crowd to celebrate a championship in Boston ( Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics?????).

On another note, Jagr looking to come back. Inquired with some teams, "surprisingly" the Panthers are not one of them.


Not a bad idea Matt, since thas the only way Quebec will see any NHL players....

The Panthers would promote the parade and probably not hold it, or charge like 500 a ticket to get into the parade. That wouldn't include food or drink... and you would get an old panthers t-shirt that says 08-09 Florida Panthers.

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