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Draft Day is Almost Here: Busy Day in Minney ... 2011-12 Schedule Released around 2 p.m.

2011draft MINNEAPOLIS -- Good morning from a cool and overcast Minnesota. What a nice break from the 90-plus degrees we've been enjoying the past few months.

I may even have to wear shoes today.

Going to be a busy day here as the NHL Draft weekend kicks off. 

Heading over to the media hotel in a little bit and then will be talking to various prospects the Panthers -- who currently hold the third overall pick -- may take tomorrow night in St. Paul.

Now, I know a lot of people are talking about rumors regarding the Panthers trading specifically with Edmonton either to move up to the top pick or maybe add something to the roster and move down to 19 (the Oilers hold the Kings pick in that spot).

Have spoken to a few people with the Panthers and they tell me no trade is imminent. The Panthers are not going to give up a lot to move up to the top slot. Will be speaking with Dale Tallon and Mike Santos later this afternoon so hope to have more then.

I will be trying to update this site throughout the day although it's not easy.

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It's going to be a long couple of days around here. Heck, make that weeks.

Summer vacation is over. 

-- Speaking of long summers, the Panthers and the rest of the NHL is expected to release the 2011-12 schedule around 2 p.m. today. Will have stuff on that when it comes out.




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Atta boy George!!! Good to hear you're on the ground in Minnesota (I'm from there)...check out Casetta's right next to the X, best Italian food anywhere. Enjoy! and thanks for the update!!!

Let's go Cats, hopefully we'll get another haul like we did this time last year!!!

Please George don't tell us the Panthers are going to trade the #3 pick to move down to get extra picks--the blue chippers almost always come from the top several picks--WE NEED a bluechipper not more 3rd and 4th line guys

I agree, we need to keep that #3 pick. I hope the Oilers somehow go D and grab Larsson and RNH falls to us, but it's highly unlikely. Otherwise I'm fine with the Memorial Cup MVP!!

Devs will be sitting pretty if they can get Larsson at #4, that'd be quite the coup for who was one of the best in the NHL in the 2nd half last year.

I honestly don't know how the Cats are gonna spend the ~$30 mil they'll need to this offseason...horribly weak UFA class too. I like the direction they're going thou, such a solid draft last year.

Will Wiess get moved??? Will we take on a big contract??? Such an interesting time of the year!!!

wow, I'm a little surprised the Flyers ended up dealing Carter. I know they needed to clear space, but I'll tell ya...as a guy who hates Philly, I'd much rather have them with Bryzgalov than Jeff Carter. Carter's a top flight center and Bryzgalov is below .500 in the playoffs.

Stuff is starting to happen thou!!! Love it.

Some crazy trades by Philly so far - both Carter and Richards gone. Wow! The next 24 hours are going to be exciting.

Richards...? he's not gone.

WTF!!! Richards IS gone!!! How in God's Name do you trade your Captain and Assistant Captain within 20 minutes of each other?!?!?! What's Holgren thinking?!?!?! WOW!!!

As a guy who dispises the Flyers, I love it!!! lol. Trade those 2 guys so you can sign a goalie and get a couple prospects??? Your giving up 60 goals for prospects??? Wow, unbelievable. The Flyers were to the Cup 2 years ago, all they needed was a decent goaltender to have a good shot to get back there. Amazing.

So they were both in long term contracts, who cares? Both were at decent numbers (~5.75) and entering their prime as players. Pronger's got a long term deal, so you trade the young guys and keep him?!?!!? WOW!!!! Flyers won't sniff the Cup for another 4 years, LOVE THIS!!!

LOL, never doubt me again, Rulz! ;-)

I'd be worried that the flyers just became a major player for the other Richards once free agency begins. Ugh, plus the #8 pick which is still in the top 9 elite group. I do think this means a step back for Philly, but they'll build around Giroux, JVR, and they'll be a contender in FA.

That Bryz contract is nuts for 9 years. I still cannot believe that they signed him for 9 year. Wow.

Maybe you're right Bob...maybe they're now in play for B Rich, but still...would you rather have Richards and Bryz or Carter and Richards??I'd rather have Carter and Richards. Easily. Maybe it makes them better down the road, but I don't see them finishing higher than 3rd in the Atlantic this year, behind the Devs and the Pens. This is a team that was the best team in the East for the majority of last season. I think it's a step backwards near term...and let's face it, they were right at the doorstep. Now they're on the lawn.

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