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Florida Panthers Make Qualifying Offers to Seven ... Bernier, Bergfors Not Among Them ... Michal Repik Stays, Not RFA Until Next Summer

Bergfors The Panthers made qualifying offers to seven players on Monday.

Those players not offered tenders: Niclas Bergfors and Steve Bernier.

Those who got offers: D Michael Caruso, G Marc Cheverie, LW Mike Duco, C Shawn Matthias, LW Kenndal McArdle, G Tyler Plante and C Mike Santorelli.

-- Everywhere I have read says that Michal Repik is RFA. He is not.

Mike Santos says he is still on his first entry level contract. According to Santos, Repik will be RFA next summer as his contract slid a year.

Repik Bascially, his three-year entry level contract became a four-year contract because of his age and his lack of NHL games in the first season of the contract.

Because Repik only played in five NHL games in 2008-09 (as an 18/19 year old), he doesn't get credit for that first season. Yes, he played in 75 AHL games for the Amerks, but that doesn't count. He would have had to played 10 NHL games for that season to count.

Repik scored seven goals in 55 games with the Panthers over the past three seasons. He had 52 goals in three seasons with the Amerks.




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Repik's not RFA? Another wierd quirk in the rules books like the Kennedy saga at the end of last season?

seems to be...may not have played in enough games in 2008-09 to count as a season...working on it now...he's listed as RFA everywhere

if he is a RFA and not qualified then he would be UFA and another loss of an asset for nothing.

Remember Tallon blew the qualifying offers with Chicago which was the last straw before he was let go

Glad to hear he was not a rfa

Geez, these NHL teams must spend a fortune on attorneys with this CBA stuff.

What happened to my fav defenseman Clay Wilson? There has to be room on the team for his booming slapshot whether in the AHL or the NHL 7th defenseman.

Kennedy, the Penguins forward is an UFA, I'd like to see the Panthers get him. Tenacious player with some skill and upside. Still young.

season ticket holder: your information about who blew the QOs in Chicago is wrong. It was the job of Stan Bowman, as stated on the Blackhawk website. The Boston papers reported that they were intentionally held back in order for Bowman to take over Tallon's job, which is exactly what happened.

Tallon is quoted as admitting it was his fault in the hockey news

"Tallon brought this on himself by failing to tender more than a handful of his restricted free agents qualifying offers before July 1, thus creating the possibility they could become unrestricted.

The story, which you’ve no doubt heard by now, is the Hawks simply didn’t mail the offers out in time. Every prominent RFA on the team subsequently signed with Chicago, but not before the NHLPA filed a grievance with the league. Tallon took responsibility for the embarrassment and said it would not happen again"

and from the blackhawk website: " Qualifying offers to some restricted free agents were not mailed on time, creating a stir throughout the hockey world. Eventually all were signed at what the Hawks say is market value, but some pundits say they had to overpay. As a result, Dale Tallon, who had been GM since 2005 and acquired 60 percent of the current roster, was reassigned within the organization so the man with the famous last name and a finance background, Stan Bowman, could take over as general manager. Bowman was Tallon's assistant."

now the question is are the panthers correct in their assessment that they did not have to tender to Repik, I hope they are correct but am hearing that they may in fact be incorrect

Not to argue your point any more, but I watched the press conference here, and he said that he took responsibility for his staff. That the buck stopped with him. Too bad his boss didn't do that so he could have fired himself. Instead, he gave himself an extension.

About the situation on the hawk's website, what are they going to say? We promoted the guy who actually screwed up? LOL. EVERYBODY is Chicago knows that Tallon wasn't even in the office at the time. He was sick with the swine flu as reported by Mark Giangreco, Josh Mora, Cory McPherrin.....well, you get the picture.....

As for Repik, I have no idea what is correct or incorrect.

as for Repik I have to agree with you as I do not know either.

Just going by what was reported on Tallon

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