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Tomas Vokoun: Moving Out?

Vokoun It's hard to believe, but goaltender Tomas Vokoun has never been a free agent.

Nashville picked him up in the expansion draft after Montreal gave up on him, then signed him to a four-year deal before shipping him off to the Panthers.

Well, that four-year deal is over. It sounds like Vokoun is ready to move on from the Panthers.

Vokoun spoke to the Czech paper/site iDENZ.cz -- you can read a Google translated version of the story right here -- where there is speculation that Vokoun will be in play either in Philadelphia (if Ilya Bryzgalov doesn't work out), Phoenix (which traded Bryzgalov to Philly) or Colorado.


"Under certain circumstances I would be willing to go to Florida,'' the translated Vokoun text reads, "but the other possibility is too tempting. So get into the team, which is strong and has a chance to win the Stanley Cup." That "Stanley Cup" team reads like the Avs.

Yeah, must be lost in the translation.

The Edmonton Journal first spotted this story -- there has been talk the Oilers are interested in Vokoun -- and hinted that Vokoun had been talking with the Flyers and Coyotes.

That would be tampering since, as Vokoun pointed out to the paper, the only team that can make any offer to him right now is the Panthers. And no team would dare tamper with another team's property, right? Right?

On July 1, however, that all changes.

Officially, of course.

As far as the Colorado thing goes, one person close to the Panthers mentioned the Avs as a potential landing spot for Vokoun just last week. And Adrian Dater in Colorado seems to think something is up.

Hey, the last time a Panthers goalie was a free agent, the Avs came calling. Why not now?


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Trade his rights and the number 3 pick for the number 2 pick? Are we prepared for Clemmenson to be the full-time starter and Markstrom as the back up this year?

the Panthers are fine at #3 they don't need to move up or down to get a very good forward prospect.

If they're going to lose Vokoun anyway, might as well trade him for something of value. Up one spot in the draft might not get RNH but keeps Colorado from picking FLA's second choice.

All Tallon has to do is let Colorado know he's shopping Vokoun elsewhere and make it seem like COL won't have a shot at him. They might ask who FLA will pick and make the trade conditional on who FLA wants. It's no harm to COL if they know they'll still get their guy at #3, and they get a week's worth of exclusive time with Vokoun's agent. (the Panthers did this with Bouwmeester).

The trick is, who is going to reveal their pick? COL or FLA?

We need to keep Vokoun!

Without vokoun in net, we get set back another 5 yrs. I love clemmers as a person but he showed at the end of last season clearly that he cannot handle full-time duties. Vokoun MUST BE RE-SIGNED..

Omg Clemmer so not a full time goalie, unless it's a blueprint for the cellar, NO!

if Vokoun is looking to get out then trade him instead of losing him for nothing.

What if Colorado and Edmonton pass on Larsson, will the Panthers draft Larsson or trade down?

Saw one mock draft that had the panthers drafting Larsson at 3 with Edmonton taking Ryan Nugent Hopkins and Colorado taking Huberdeau

If Markstrom is our goalie of the future, then it would make sense to sign Vokun for 2 years with an option on a third until Markstrom is ready. No one knows how this team will look over the next 2 years or so, but we do know we are building for the future and not winning a cup in that time frame.

So Vokun can sign a short term deal with a team that we know won't win the cup, or possibly sign a longer term deal with a contender. For a man who is possibly at the last chance for a long term (3 or 4 year) contract and who wants to win, I think the choice is unfortunately obvious. I want him here, and I think we need him here, but it doesn't look good.

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