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Tomas Vokoun's Agent to ESPN: Let's See What Happens July 1

Vokun12 Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com got a hold of Tomas Vokoun's agent on Saturday, with Michael C. Deutsch telling LeBrun that Vokoun hasn't ruled out returning to the Panthers. But, don't expect anything to happen until July 1.

You can read the entire story here. LeBrun also spoke with Dale Tallon. The Panthers GM said the Panthers could come to a deal with Vokoun before July 1.

Again, I would doubt it. Remember that Vokoun has never been a free agent before. This is his last chance for a big contract. He's going to weigh his many options. Of course, the best option could be with the Panthers.

Mike Santos told me last week that the Panthers would like to have something done on this front before July 1 when Vokoun is free to sign with anyone.

Why? Because once July 1 hits, the Panthers are going to start looking elsewhere. As much as both may want to stay together -- and I would call that lukewarm on both sides as it is -- once July 1 comes, each side has to look out for themselves. If the Panthers think they can do better, and Vokoun is still undecided, they will move on.

The Panthers will come in next season with Scott Clemmensen at the very least; Clemmensen is signed through the 2011-12 season. Expect Jacob Markstrom to start the season in the AHL.

Oh, and remember that story from the Czech Republic from last week?

From ESPN: Deutsch said Saturday that Vokoun denied speaking to the newspaper. "They weren't his quotes," Deutsch said.


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Bring back the Eagle!

is he available?

This is all not surprising. Vokey rights will be traded at the draft for a second rounder to Phoenix or for Bryzgalov rights in philly. If Bryzgalov wants money, Panthers got plenty to spend compared to Philly.

Any news on all of those Panthers RFAs? Repik? Santorelli? Are they open for business at the draft to be dealt? Reasoner - UFA?

I think Dale Tallon should be the goaltender.

If Jack McKeon can manage at the age of 80, these other geezers need to step up in life.

Is Versteeg on his way or what?!?!?!?! I'd take it. The guy'd be a Top 6 forward on the Cats, I hope they can get him on the cheap since Philly's looking to dump salary to bring Bryzgalov aboard...

Bryz is asking for 6 years $6 million a season. I'm sorry,he's a great goalie but i wouldnt give him $6 a year.

Wow, didn't know it was that much for that long! I agree, that's WAY to long of a term for a goalie below .500 in the postseason.

I hope the Flyers do it thou, I can't stand the thought of them winning the Cup!!! Plus I'd like Versteeg on the cheap...

I've read 5 years / $27 mil on Bryzgalov...6 years at $36 mil seems pretty steep.

How is there 2 more days to the Draft and we don't have any spots to talk about it?!?!?!?!?!? C'mon man!!!

GR, any thoughts on all the chatter about the Panthers moving either up to #1 or back in the draft to pick up more assets/picks? Is there anything concrete behind this or all just rumor?

yea George, are you not allowed to post any rumors or something???? Dude, it's 2 days before the draft and there's ZERO hockey talk on your board. What's up with that????

richards and carter were traded to make room for bryzgalov,. rumors have him signing a 9yrs 51 million deal with flyers

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