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Your Florida Bruins and their new pal Stanley

Floridabruins Hey, look who it is!

It's Dennis Seidenberg, Gregory Campbell and Nathan Horton!

Wonder what they've been up to lately?

Congrats fellas.

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


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It stings, but at least Luongo's not in it.

dumb ass tradiers

and what did we get for these guys? Wasn't it for a few draft picks that may or not make it?
I'm sure the Tallon defenders will say that it was the best he could do and they didn't want to be here and it was to send the team a message. As the four tops used to sing "it's the same old song"

Interesting how those 3 were taken in a photo with the cup.... Any chance they knew it would end up in the face of Panthers' staff and fans?

Can only imagine what is going through their heads!

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