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Baggage Claimed: Nathan Horton's Day with Cup Delayed

Hortonjetblues Nathan Horton brought the Stanley Cup to his hometown of Dunnville, Ontario, on Sunday with the small town holding a parade in his honor.

Horton came empty handed however and arrived late to the party. Horton flew from Boston to Buffalo, thinking the Cup was on board the plane. It wasn't.

Horton was delayed to Dunnville trying to locate where the Cup was. It was put on a later flight to Buffalo. I was delayed once on a trip from Buffalo to Dunnville, but that's only because there was a really long line at the Tim Hortons on the other side of the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie.

The airline in question? You can read all about it here.

Cubanflight The pic above is a hint.

Apparently you can't buy a seat for the Cup and fly with it next to you on a domestic, commercial flight.

A charter? Different story.

No word on whether Pete DeBoer, also from Dunnville, was hanging out along the parade route.