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It Ain't Easy Seeing Red: Science Says it's Tough Being a Panthers Fan

Arena The Business Journals recently released a study in which they determined how hard it was to root, root, root for the home team.

It's tough being a Panthers fan, no doubt. Apparently a scientific formula backs that up.

According to this report, the Panthers ranked sixth in the league as it pertains on how rough it is to follow the team.

Apparently it's much tougher to root for the Coyotes, Islanders, Blues, Leafs and Kings. It's very easy, according to this, to root for the Red Wings, Penguins, Ducks, Hurricanes (that 2006 title goes a long way) and Devils.

The Dolphins are also ranked sixth hardest-to-root-for in the NFL index (the Browns are second-toughest, and I get that). The Heat are fifth-easiest to root for in the NBA, with the Marlins being 10th easiest in baseball.

Here's how the On Numbers fan difficulty index was computed; bascially they generated ratings for all 122 teams in the four major sports. Winning championships, or at least doing well in the playoffs, really helps teams in the this poll.

That said, the Panthers should have done much, much, worse since "half of each team's score was tied to its performance during the past 10 seasons.'' The Panthers, as we all well know, haven't been to the playoffs in those years. 

"The higher the score, the worse a team's performance -- and the more difficult it is to support. Positive scores indicate a higher-than-average degree of difficulty. Negative scores mean that a team is relatively easy to root for.''