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OnFrozenFilm: Dale Tallon and Erik Gudbranson (Florida Panthers Signing Day)


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Can't wait to see this kid play. Everyone should check their expectations though, he still a defenseman at 19. If he plays in the NHL this year, which he should ( I hope not at the expense of Ellerby, because they could loose him on waivers like Grabner last year) he will stubble like ALL defenseman do including future hall of famers like : Chris Pronger, Shea Weber, and Drew Doughty (this year). It is a tough position to play because one simple mistake and the puck is in the net in this league. Furthermore, the only way not minimize mistakes is to see more situations and get playing time so next time you see that move by a player or a critical situation the defenseman can react to it instinctively, so expect him to struggle and in my personal opinion, the sooner he struggles the better it is for his development.

Exactly, defense is the hardest position to adapt to in hockey. The interesting thing is, the Panthers now have Kulikov (20 years old), Ellerby (22 Years old), Garrison (26), and if Gudbranson gets in there, at 19, it would give the Panthers a very inexperienced defense. Now, Weaver is 33, Campbell is 32, and Jovo is 35 which helps to keep the kids in order. I think it'll be a tough situation because Ellerby has a one-way and he can't be sent down without the possibility of him being claimed (Ala Grabner), which I don't think will be a good thing because he is a 10th overall pick which took some good steps last year. You can't send Gudbranson to the AHL because he's too young, so he would have to be returned to Juniors. Garrison? He's pretty steady. Weaver? He's experienced and good in the penalty kill. AHHH! What to do? I can't believe I'm pulling my hairs about this roster.

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