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OnFrozenFilm: Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon, Part 1 of 2


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Honestly people, Dale Tallon has done an AMAZING job in the 2 offseasons and 1 season he's been here, AMAZING. Yes, I know they still haven't played a game in his second season here, but just to bring in those guys, I'm VERY excited about the upcoming season! They should be able to roll 3 solid lines, with a vastly improved 4th line (Bradley-Skille-?), and a better defense. Goaltending may have taken a hit losing Volkun, however, with better play in front of them, Clemmenson and Jose should be able to combine for more than the 30 wins last year.

Honestly, hats off to Dale Tallon for starting this movement. Let's hope he's around to see it reach its successful conclusion (unlike his situation in Chicago). Love this guy!!!

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