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OnFrozenFilm: Florida Panthers Winger Matt Bradley


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Bradshaw is an awesome guy!! FL fans - you won't be disappointed.

As a Caps fan, I'm very sad to see Matt, and his dry sense of humor, head to another team. Florida fans and media are sure to love him.

You Florida fans have no idea what a good guy Brads is. He was the absolute fan favorite in Washington, where we are very sad to see him leave. A buddy and I were in PIttsburgh for the Winter Classic last year, and met Brads, DJ King, and others out on the town for dinner. He is personable and treats fans with respect. We've met his Dad, from the Ottawa area, also a great guy. Bradley brings it EVERY night, and will go through a wall for a teammate. Enjoy every game with Milton Bradley in your lineup. He's a great player who will make your team much better.

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