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OnFrozenPoll: Your Favorite Florida Panthers Signees


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Fleishman "Flash" is my favorite. I hope his health is better like the doctors say, and he will be a steal. He was unbelievable playing for washington and has a nack for timely GWG.

Flash!! Ahhhhh!

I can't pinpoint 1 person - I'm just so excited we have an NHL team with depth! Flash was awesome for Colorado before he got hurt, so I get the excitement there. But I'm just so pumped for this team to hit the ice and get going.

I will make the nostalgia vote and pick Jovo. I hope he gets his 55 this coming season.

There's so much to like. The team picked up competent, proven players who want to be here. Upshall practially gushed at signing with the team. I haven't been this enthusiastic about an upcoming season in years, and come hell or high water I WILL be at opening night.

Go Panthers!!

I like upshall because he doesnt hesitate to go right to the net.He has grit and decent skill which fits right in to Tallons thinking about a change in culture.He is the typical kind of lunchbucket NHL er which brought this team to the stanley cup finals many years ago.

Im so sick and tired of SSE lemmings and koolaide drinking season ticket holders throwing out the phrase "lunch bucket" type team. How about they go get some skill players one of these days? How about the most skilled player they've had in a decade going to Long Island for nothing. Tallon signed a bunch of overpriced depth players just to hit the floor. How can anyone justify Jovos deal that guaranteed forever because he's 35. And to all the people complaining about how terrible olesz's deal was just wait til year 2 or 3 of this blueprint when the panthers are stuck with tons of dead weight like a 4.5 mil "FLASH" who is seriously injury prone, or an overpaid 3rd liner in upshall, or lest we forget the worst contract in the nhl, Brian Campbell will be 37 making 7.1 mil. This has disaster written all over it. Jose Theodore? Come on. He's a joke and news flash, Jim Carey won a vezina too. Tallon is trying to replicate what he did in Chicago and I guess that includes set your team up for cap hell. By the time the kids are due for contracts they'll have to sell them off just like chicago did last year. Im sure they will finish just bad enough to not make the playoffs but too good to land an impact plalyer.

I don't see how we're in cap hell when we're still way under the cap and all the deals are 4 years or less. That way, the team can either buy them out or they'll expire when our top prospects are ready to take over the top line roles. Would you rather have Erhoff on a 10 year deal? Richards on a 9 year deal (at 31 years old?) I think Tallon did a great job, despite overpaying, of keeping the young core in mind when signing these deals. Jovo's length is about the only thing I'd question, sure, but otherwise it's a great day for the Panthers.

Dale Tallon, Mike Santos, and all in the Panthers organization have done a great job. I like all the players that were picked up. My fav was Jovo as I hope some of the 96 panther magic comes with him. See everyone there opening night. Go Panthers!!

Yormack is a fool:Let the hate go. Its a dawning of a new era, finally. Real NHL players. Sit back and enjoy. Or follow another sport.

I'm from DC. Enjoy Matt Bradley. He comes to play every night and can fight way above his weight class. Watch him steal Ovechkin's fight against Downie (coming off the bench). He's a locker room guy and utimate team player and real warrior. We'd rather that you have Semin. Brads is easily the fan favorite in DC.


Tallon has done an excellent job last week.He is burdeoned with the difficult task of rebuilding a team that lacks grit,skill,and has a negative culture.Sure he overpaid but he HAD to to establish any degree of credibility with players around the league.His former players certainly respect him and that speaks volumes to me.Notice he went for middle aged(length of league careers)players that were gritty and all had good skill.He gave each one 4 years to mature with the team and help break in the SKILLED players we drafted.I was the most skeptical 2 weeks ago but I have changed my opinion.Tallon KNOWS what he is doing.Dont look for Huberdeau to even be signed this year as he is NOT eligible for the AHL for 2 years.Gudbranson was not signed last year because he also is not eligible for the AHL until 2012.You have to be 20 to play in the AHL.Expect Gudbranson to be signed and make the team next year and be broken in SLOWLY by JOVO over the next 3-4 yrs which is why JOVO was given a 4 yr contract.Both Ellerby and Kulikov will be mentored by the old pro.Skill is on the way over the next 3 yrs and meanwhile we will have a good team which will be difficult to play against and has an outside chance of making the playoffs.I am pleased to the core.

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