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Steve Goldstein and Bill Lindsay Get High Marks

Foxsports Derek Zona, a contributor to the SB Nation website, ranks the television voices of all 30 NHL teams. The worst announcers -- in Zona's eyes -- get one star. The best get five.

Steve Goldstein and Bill Lindsay of Fox Florida got the highest marks offered.

You can check out the story here.

Here's what Zona wrote about our boys Goldie and Billy:

It's a shame that less than 4,000 households per night watch the Panthers. Their television pairing is top-notch, hidden by the weakest television market in the NHL and a team that hasn't made the playoffs in ten years.

Goldstein is the prototypical television play-by-play voice -- engaging and fast-moving, introducing segments and reading ad copy quickly but in a relaxed manner. He calls a steady game without bias in his voice or tone and identifies line changes, blocks, tips and hits without fail.

Bill Lindsay was a plugger during his playing days, totaling 224 points in 777 games as a checking wing. His days on the penalty kill paid off as he, along with Andy Brickley, is among the very best at explaining special teams and individual breakdowns as they occur. He also understands coaching and systems like few other men on television.  It's a treat to listen to him explain the tactics and strategies used by the Panthers and their opponents.


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Come on. I like Goldie and Billy, and I think Goldie is a very good prototypical play by play man who even pushes through when he loses his voice.

Billy gets a lot of heat from many people who follow the games on the TV, and deservedley so. He is new at this, and may eventually be a polished color man deserving of 5 stars, but this article was written by a man who did not watch too many Panther games. He just does not yet have the consistency and grace that others have.

By the way, Potvin who knows and calls this game better than almost anyone got 2 stars less than Lindsay.

The best was Potvin and Strader!

How could anyone rate Lindsey ahead of Potvin or Rimer? Goldy is good. But generally the Canadian teams are the best. That excludes Don Cherry.

Hopefully Lindsay took some basic English grammar lessons over the summer. It's amazing that someone with not the greatest natural hockey skills would work so hard to become the proficient NHLer he did, but not extend the same effort when it comes to his second career. He's extremely likable and certainly knows the intricacies of the game. It's a shame that he speaks as poorly as he does.

I don't really remember Dandy Don Meredith speaking with great grammer or Ralph Kiner or going way back it is said that Dizzy Dean was terrible as far as language goes...notice I did not use commas or periods...guess that would not allow me in the broadcast booth

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