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OnFrozenPoll: Vote on Jose Theodore's New Mask

Theo2 Since it's slow around here these days, vote all you want. 

It's free and it's fun!

OK, it's free.



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Is that the only picture available of the new mask so far?

Hope you're joking about the sponsor part..

Which Ice Dancer posed for the design on it?

the kitten worries me, but the front chin part looks BADASS

In the earlier blog about it, George explained that the Panther "family" represents José's family. The female in the bikini is his wife, and on the other side the male and little girl Panther represent José and their daughter.

Unfortunately, the side everyone focuses on is the bikini side without taking the whole mask into consideration.

His family is very important to him, and his mask shows it, including the backplate with his children's initials. In an earlier piece, there are more photos, or you can see it at my goalie blog: http://ilovegoalies.blogspot.com/2011/08/jose-theodore-2011-12-mask.html

It's definitely a deviation from what he's gone with his whole career (gargoyles, eagles, etc.) but I think it's adorable and I'm sure his daughter is pleased to be on Daddy's mask. ;o) And I'm also sure his wife appreciates that that's how he sees her. :o)

Taking the whole thing into context, this isn't as bad as I originally thought. Of course when only seeing one picture and not understanding the thought process behind it, makes one wonder what he was thinking. GR should get more pictures.

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