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Seeing Red: Panthers Replacing Lower Bowl Seats (And they are Sponsored)

Seats1 The Panthers are in the middle of replacing the green seat coverings in the lower bowl of the BankAtlantic Center with red ones.

The color scheme throughout the arena goes like this: Red in the 100 level; Gold in the 200/300; Blue in the 400s. You know, the Panthers colors.

Seats2 Zimmerman Advertising has its logo on the new seats. Since Jordan Zimmerman is a partner in the team, it's not known how much -- if anything -- he shelled out for this.

They look pretty nice. There is red paint going up throughout the arena -- Seats3 especially in the lower bowl.



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GR how about "Club Red"?

Club Red is the new, high-end, all-inclusive club overlooking center ice in the BankAtlantic Center’s lower bowl. This luxurious new club directly targets the upper echelon of sports and entertainment clients with tickets starting at $20,000 per year as well as plush furnishings, a trendy bar and lounge setting, top shelf drink and cuisine options, and the best viewing locations in the professional sports industry. Club Red is the first and finest premium seating area of it’s kind in the industry.

Sounds like yet more jerking off the ultra rich florida douchers...yippie..

What? No more "National Car Rental Green" seats? About time... Can't wait to see what it looks like when they're done and hopefully none of those red seats will be visible for games.

Club Red is Section 134,101 & 102. Seats above Row 18 in the lower bowl will be removed to provide for the lounge and bar as I understand it. Current SSH fans will have to give up thier season ticket seats or join Clud Red @ $20,000+ per seat if they still want to sit in these sections.

It is about time we get rid of the out of town visiting team people that sit in these seats at games. THEY ARE NOT WANTED. FOR HOME FANS ONLY!!!!!!!

I didn't know we had so many upper echelon of sports and entertainment clients willing to pay $20,000 + per seat. Except the players themselves. Go Panthers !!

It is my understanding that the whole sections will be removed, not just above row 18. As a season ticket holder within that area I'M P.O if it does take place. I held onto my seats because of the location, and this would be a real slap in the face. George, is there something you can do to help those of us in the same pridicament? These are the loyal fans who have stayed with the team, and to mess with them like this is worse than not making the playoffs in ten years.

AC - George hasn't responded to this blog or the several emails I sent him directly. Your on your own. Good Luck!

Seeing red seems like some douche working for the arena

get that spam off of here

Hey hurricanewarning954 I wish I was working for the arena then I wouldn't have to lose my 2 seats in Sec 102 that I have been paying $6000 + for the last 6 years. You douche bag.

Once again the team is screwing its best customers. As a ticket holder since '93, and in sect. 102, I consider this a slap in the face and disrepect. I've asked for my money back for this year and will never re-new...

Typical Yackman. Screw the home fans who've been with you for 20 years - and don't tell them but send them a bill. Gee, what a surprise.
Maybe Viner will one day learn his COO is a cancer to the organization. Even if this team wins, the Yackman stench will permeate this team.
this guy's no better than nevin shapiro.

If it were up to Yomahk,he'd probably put advertisments on the panthers jerseys. yikes


Not only is this Club Red removing long time season seat holders, Yormark has been using his lobbyist to get the tax payers of Broward County to flip the bill. So anyone who lives in B/C and is getting relocated is also paying for the place that's forcing the relocation?!?! Isnt this exactly the type of spending the Republicans have been saying needs to stop- Why would we cut the pay of Police officers, Fire Fighters or Teachers but expect tax payers to finance a Club that will cater to Corporations and the 1% of wealthy folks in the tri county area, (who won't attend and leave the area empty during Panther games), and won't be affordable to any long standing fans. George.. you need to pull out the journalism cap and dig into this.

George is MIA

George is VAC...back on Monday

Also, to all who sent me an email to my miami herald address: we switched over to a new server while I was out of town so basically I didn't get those emails until I could log in to the new account. Which I just did. Reading them now.

Still no comment from GR on "Club Red". Why not?

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