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The Hockey News Not Impressed with Florida Panthers Rebuild

Stan Dale Tallon and Mike Santos did some heavy the past eight months or so, tearing down the Panthers roster just to be able to rebuild it in July.

The Panthers are a much different team than they were to start -- or end -- last season. Florida finished in last place in the Eastern Conference for the first time in franchise history.

But with the rebuild comes a lot of excitement and anticipation for the 2011-12 Florida Panthers. The lower bowl of the arena will have sponsor adorned red seats, visiting fans apparently aren't welcomed anymore and life is peachy.

Believe me, I'm completely looking forward to this upcoming season and am anticipating them being a lot better. But this team still has holes and there are enough question marks that there is no way one could guarantee the Panthers will end their playoff drought this year. Will they be better? Yes. It would be hard for them to be worse. Are they a playoff team? I don't know.

The Hockey News is releasing some of their staff predicitions online this week, and they don't seem to be all that impressed with the Panthers. For all of Tallon and Santos' work, THN says that will be just a one position uptick in the standings. 

If all goes according to TSN's plan -- which sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't -- the Senators will be the worst team in the east this year with the Panthers finishing 14th. Edmonton is predicted to return to its home at the bottom of the Western Conference standings with Phoenix not far behind.



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What's new? The Hockey News never likes anything the Panthers do!

It will never change. Bottom line is the Panthers have to prove themselves to gain any respect. Until that happens everything is status quo, a non-playoff team with a dwindling fan base. Winning will change everything. I do not think they will finish 14th however, that is a tad harsh.

Honestly, with all the new players one doesn't know how the Panthers will come together this season so I can't be offended by THN prediction. The only prediction you should take to the bank is this coming Panther season will be very interesting.

it all depends on how the team gels together ? everyone has to have a role and not come into camp thinking they are top stuff and going to get top min to set themselves up for dissapointment ! just because it is the florida panthers! its a new team with depth finally! i would like to see huberdeau out there i could not nake it to the rookie development camp in florida in time! george how was he in camp did he have some flash compared to other players?

i cant handle this anymore i want the season to start george i hope your there opening day of rookie camp with on the frozen film i ish i could fast forward the time

^agreed. Chemistry is the biggest thing for a team to be successfull and it will take 10+ games to find chemistry. dont be suprised for a rocky start but i will expect them to be much better as the season moves along

They want to be the underdogs! Makes winning so much better.

You dont want to be unanimous and overconfident favorites - look at what happened to the Heat. Akthough, I have to say, Panthers in the Cup finals doesnt sound too bad.

We'll all see soon enough. Bring on the hockey! Woooooooo

The Hockey News? You mean the guys who predicted three seasons ago that Canadiens would come in first in the Eastern Conference (8th on a tiebreaker against the Panthers).

The ones whose picks for the last two places in the Western Conference in 2009-10 made the playoffs and whole last place pick in the West the year before also made the playoffs?

The guys who keep picking the Flames to make the playoffs and the Predators to miss them?

Or the ones who picked the Eastern Conference leading Bruins and Northwestern Division leading Canucks to both miss the playoffs three seasons ago?

Them? Yeah, I care a lot about their predictions.

THN is just mad because the Laft, Sens, Bowmeisters, Oil and Trash/Jets still suck and will miss the playoff again, just like last year.

George why don't you reply to our posts anymore slugger? How you think huby Will fair and how did he look in development camp?Will you have the frozen film going?? On te tenth

I hope they send matthias packing honestly we have way to many prospects coming in that have far more skill. He had his chance and was not a difference Maker that's for sure give huby or howden or Dadnov skille Carter a chance

predictions will be all over the place becuase with this type of overhaul, no one knows how we'll be.

The plan is still for the future. Tallon is grooming a new coach for the young draft picks as they start to come into this team and mix in with some of the veterans. This year will be interesting but Tallon is looking 3 years down the road and beyond as he did in Chicago.

This franchise has done nothing over a decade to make anyone predict anything other than what it has always been. Why go out on a limb now? I don't blame the experts/analysts for taking the easiest route with this team. A strong showing this season would change all that. But unless that happens, expect the status quo. And rightfully so. No club has been worse than this one for this long. It's gonna change, I can feel it.

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