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Florida Panthers Waive Steven Reinprecht, Michal Repik

Reino The Panthers waived forwards Steven Reinprecht and Michal Repik on Monday; they have until Tuesday to clear.

The two will likely be reassigned to AHL San Antonio once they do.

Reinprecht is in the final year of a three-year deal he signed with the Panthers in 2009. He has a one-way contract, meaning he will be paid more than $2 million whether he plays in Florida or San Antonio.

Reinprecht cleared waivers last season but was loaned to a team in Germany instead of the AHL.  



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Repik will probably be gobbled up and will produce like Grabner. Another stupid move by Tallon.

Good move by the organization. Too many new forwards and Repik just didn't do enough to impress anyone. Kennedy and Skille were much better players than Repik and Reinprecht.

Repik was a puck hog and took 2 bad shots at goal during Tampa game.I am sure Dineen saw that.He might be picked up but he is no Grabner.He has some flashes of offensive ability and is below average defensively.Would love to see Reinprecht claimed but at 2 million he is a joke.Who gave him that contract at age 33???

Lol Repik is no Grabner. He was given a chance and looked a lot more like Olesz without the ability to play defense or win any battles because he's too small.

Repik never really showed anything, but that might be because he really wasnt given a chance! The minutes he played for Deboer was small, and never got real linemates or icetime!

I really would have liked to see Repik traded for something before being gobbled up on waivers only to turn into Grabner. Many people said that Grabner showed nothing too until being picked up by the Islanders where he found his best buddy to set him up for Rookie of the Year Award......

Jesus... Repik didn't produce squat EVER. I'm certain Tallon tried to trade him during the summer and got ZERO offers. Repik was dead weight who looked like a kid the other night against Tampa's scrubs. He had his chance and he blew it. Same as McArdle, Stewart, Olesz, and a crapload of others. This team is on the fast track to a major league makeover. My prediction is that Matthias will be next. He's running out of opportunities to show that he is worthy of a spot on ANY roster in the NHL.

Tallon is a genius. Jacques Martin hamstrung this organization with horrible contracts, and Tallon is doing his best to shed the Panthers of those miseries. This is the last year we will have to deal with a handful of Martin's blatantly stupid decisions.

Grabner is the exception not the rule, and Repik is no Grabner. In any event let's see how Grabner plays this year.

Tallon is a genius???? So far the only thing we have seen is giving Horton away for a bag of pucks, releasing Grabner and most recently giving guys like Jovanovski and others long term and expensive contracts just to make the salary cap floor. Too bad that some of the guys like Matthias and Repik and other young guys weren't given more playing time last year when Deboer knew the team wasn't going to make the playoffs. I want Tallon to succeed, but, please let's see what the team does and some of the draft picks turn into befoe labeling him a genius.

How many chances has Repik had and not produced at the NHL level? He belongs in the A and if he's picked up that's the way it goes. No use in wasting a roster space for a guy who can't produce offensively, and is a defensive liability. Hopefully he continues to work on his game in the AHL for us, but I'm not crying if he's picked up.

Tallon has made this the #1 organization in terms of its prospects and the talent level growing in our farm system is the best we've ever had it. It's those guys that are going to bring the Cup here, if ever, and the FA signings are just a stop gap to make us competitive until the Huberdeaus, Gudbransons, Markstroms, etc., are ready.

Both have cleared.

enjoying a laugh at the suggestion that tallon is a genius who never signed a player to a bad contract. wow! this after not only what happened in chicago but... what, a handful of contracts handed out this year that were generally panned around the league?

he's drafted pretty well and did a decent job of tearing apart the team which was something that had to be done. he signed the guys he wanted to sign this offseason and we'll see how they work out but he's proven no better than martin or any other GM in that regard.

furthermore, he's really benefited from the conservative approach martin took with assets. remember, the franchise had jumped up well into the top 10 in terms of prospect pool grading while JM was here.

It appears that 29 other GMs in the league agree with the assessment that Repik is no Grabner. Maybe they should have read this comments section in order to ascertain what a huge mistake they were making by not gobbling up that diamond in the rough. Better yet, why don't we leave the GMing to the GMs, and we can all just go back to being expert experts.

With regard to my statement about Tallon being a genius, I've re-read it multiple times and I still don't see the part where I said he's not ever signed a bad contract. I don't see it because it's not there. I didn't say it. I said Tallon is a genius. And I didn't elaborate. But I will now: He has traded himself into 3 drafts worth of players in the last two drafts. He came in and rid this organization of lazy Nathan Horton (who never met a patch of ice he didn't like to glide over), got rid of Ballard's joke of a contract, shipped Olesz out (albeit for Campbell's joke of contract), got rid of nearly everyone but the cleaning ladies, and has begun to put this franchise back on track. He realized what a mess this place was in after a decade of mismanagement by boobs like Keenan, Martin, and Sexton, and he's taken firm steps to correct the situation. Besides spending (foolishly) to get this team to the cap floor, he has only made one mistake, and that was only a mistake in retrospect; sending Grabner to Rochester only to have him claimed off waivers. I stand by my statement: Tallon is a genius.

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