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LIVE! Preseason Game 1: Nashville Predators 5, Florida Panthers 3 FINAL

The live coverage of today's chat will display below. Press the play button to launch.

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I'm gonna say it's a close game. 4-3...Panthers

is huberdeau playin

WHO CARES!? I'm CANADIAN and I don't!!! I'm a "homer" but will only watch a team that TRYS to win - a team that TRIES to get better EVERY SEASON! I'm not knockin' the players... but the Panther Brass should be arrested for false advertising. Every year, they get rid of their best players (so they don't have to pay their salary), and get nothing in return (see Luongo "trade"). And then they bring in a "who the heck is that?" kinda coach and then try to SELL it to US. This year, the Panthers are attempting to improve by taking a few weeks longer to settle into the bottom of the division - AGAIN! Panther SUCK!

You suck Canadian. Being Canadian doesn't mean you know hockey.

OH YES IT DOES! 2 championships in 4 years of high school - AND a coach of the year honor - 4 division titles and 2 state titles in travel. Got the hardware bub! But that's not why I bring it up. Candadians DO know hockey... like Costa Ricans know soccer... it's just in the blood. and I KNOW what a team looks like that isn't TRYING to win! Actually, for that, you only need to be a half smart human. PANTHERS SUCK! when they TRY - I'm on board 1000%!!!
BTW: they = management. the players were only unfortunate enough to get drafted here.

BTW... doesn't it tell you SOMETHING that there's all of 5 posts on an article announcing their very first game of the season!? and 3 of them were MINE!

Dude, the Luongo trade was a LONG time ago now, long time. That's like talking about what you did in high school. Did you win a Spelling B in elementary school too???? Cause that would be awesome!!!!

Different management, #1 organization in the NHL with prospects. This team is finally building towards the future, and I think the guys they brought in this offseason will bridge the gap well to those kids. We'll see how they do this year, but they'll be much better than they were last year. It takes more than 1 season to build a team into a contender, but I love what Tallon did in Chicago, and love what he's doing down here.

Panthers are an easy team to rip on...but speaking of that, how have all those Canadian teams been doing in the past decade or so...?? Hockey rich, lol...more like hockey poor.

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