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Miami Marlins Logo Leaked? NOW! With OnFrozenPoll

Miamimarlinyellow As many of you may have heard, the Florida Marlins are leaving Miami Gardens after this season and moving to Little Havana to begin play at Marlins Park at the Orange Bowl* in 2012.

The Florida Marlins will be no more; as of November, the team changes its name to the Miami Marlins.

There will be a new logo, a re-branding of a franchise who, like their expansion sister in Colorado, have basically had the same look since Day 1.

  Miamimarlingreen Two logos have been leaked through the internets tonight. The logo above, and the one to the right (which does look a little Photoshoppy so who knows).

The Marlins will not confirm if this is the new logo, with team president David Samson texting Herald baseball writer Clark Spencer only that it will be unveiled Nov. 11.

So, if this is indeed the new logo what will the new colors be? Samson has told people the old teal is out. Based on all the new seats at the new park, one would assume that shade of blue is in.

So, are they going to incorporate yellow or green?

They may go with yellow as that color has been part of the marketing for the new stadium.

Of course, they may opt for the second logo color scheme and go with green instead.

Here's my thought: With orange-and-blue, you get the old Miamimarlinsjersey colors of the original minor league Miami Marlins from the Miami Stadium days. By adding green to that, you have a Hurricanes feel that would be a homage to their stadium being built on the old site of the Orange Bowl.

Whatever the colors are, the Marlin silhouette has Dolphstadium definitely been borrowed from their current home.

Landshark Haven't we seen that Marlin somewhere before? 

Oh yeah, but it's really only a dolphin, ma'am.

(*) Marlins Park at the Orange Bowl is an obvious rip-off of Oriole Park at Camden Yards and completely made up by me. Not that I disapprove if they want to use it. In fact, Marlins management, I offer it to you for free. OK, Opening Day tickets for my friends. That's it. And this remote.

Sharks3 -- Here's another logo the Marlins may want to borrow if they want to tweak this before November. The Sharks were a pretty good team back in the day. 

Miamisharks2 Who doesn't remember them winning the Pantheon Cup?

That's tradition you build on friends.



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hopefully they will follow the same route as the original miami marlins

Ugh. Miami Vice meets the 70's. At least the Marlin is fittingly doing Sandman Sims job at the Apollo theatre.

I get the connection to the old AAA Marlins. However, they already play in a division with a team that wears orange and blue.

As I said before, there's nothing wrong with what they have now. Sure, the uniforms and logo could use a redesign, but the colors are fine as they are.

(And I reall hope that this isn't the final look of the Marlin. I know Jeff Loria is into modern art and design, but really? RoboFish just isn't doing it for me.)

I was kind of hoping the F would become an M and that would be that. The new logo is nowhere near as attractive as the old.


I thought this was the Frozen Pond,not the fish bowl

Looks more like the Key West Marlins...

No me gusta! I too was hoping for a simple change from an F to an M. Get a team that wins:)

Bring back the teal!

Awful! Simply awful and ugly! Does not look anything like a baseball logo, traditional or modernist! They must use the same designers as the latest Facebook failed redesign!

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