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Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks: BFFs, Trader Jacks

CanucksOn Saturday when word went out that the Canucks made a trade, I immediately thought 'man, the Panthers have done it again.'

Florida's trade of David Booth to the Pacific northwest wasn't its first with the Canucks.

No, these two go way back.

The biggest trade between the two? Take your pick of these:

Bure1999: Florida gets Pavel Bure for Ed Jovanovski. OK, others were involved, but that's the gist of it.

2006: Vancouver gets LouieRoberto Luongo, Florida gets Todd Bertuzzi and Bryan Allen. Panthers also lose Mike Keenan in the deal since Berthe was fired months later.

2010: Panthers trade Keith Ballard to the Canucks for a first round pick and Steve Bernier. Well, the pick was good. Oh, wait, Michael Grabner was also traded here. He hasn't scored for the Islanders yet tonight, but he still Ballardhas plenty of time.

2011: Panthers send Chris Higgins to the Canucks at the deadline, get a third round pick in return. The Canucks now have that pick back.

Booth22012: Florida sends Booth and exiled center Steven Reinprecht west for UFAs (and likely trade deadline draft pick chips) Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm.

If there are any more Vancouver-Florida swaps you all rememeber, send 'em along!

Tallonvan-- Panthers GM Dale Tallon has now made three of the deals with the Canucks (Ballard, Higgins and

He's always had a soft spot for the Canucks.



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just a joke this team is wow! sends frolik to chicago for no skillz skille?? sends grabner away for free?? picks up guys who have no skill at all like kopecky and upshall?? who both look like they cant skate with there heads up! sends booth to van for washed up ufa vets to drop money??? wow i think keenan isnt the worst gm yet to come george

Are you serious, Misss Booth? Sounds like your soft-spot for Booth has clouded your vision. Booth is a -31 this year, and has suffered from concussions the past two seasons. Oh, and he's got a long term contract with no guarantee he'll stay healthy through the term. In return, Tallon gets two expiring contracts, and even more cap money for next spring.

Skille's numbers are actually better than Booth's this year, and Upshall and Kopecky bring a toughness the Cats have been lacking.

To call Tallon the worst general manager shows your lack of true hockey knowledge. Dumping Booth now, instead of when he gets injured again and has no value, makes sense.

I'd take Skille, Kopecky or Upshall over Booth any day. Sure he was one of my favorites too, but he was never the same after the concussion episodes. Smart move by Tallon to dump Booth now before he loses any more value. Have to admit that was a high energy game tonight! I am loving Theodore and Markstrom.

Combined Samuelsson and Sturm will put in more goals and points then booth ever would this season. Sturm gives us a solid defensive player we can use on the PK as well as potential to throw in a few goals. Samuelsson can play Def on the PP and has a great shot.. Booth is too much of a defensive liability and is NOT producing which makes him the most overpaid player on this team at 4.25mil per season.. and yeah let's not forget the horrible -31 last season proving further that he couldn't skate backwards

Anyone that watches can see Booth is not the same player he use to be. This year Skille has played well and Booth not so much. Based on salary alone I would do the deal. I always liked Booth but this team is not going to win with the way Booth has been playing and he still could take another concussion. A couple of years ago I would never have traded Booth but this year Booth has looked lost. Good trade to dump salary and get rid of players not performing.

A strategic thinking G.M.. Minors and juniors loaded with talent. Did you watch this year's number one in training camp? Have to make room for these guys to play in the near future. Markstrom is looking like a long term franchise goalie.

In two years you won't be able to get a ticket to watch the new breed Cats challenge for the Cup. Dale has a plan and is executing it to perfection.

I would think more movement to come this season as the club prepares for the future by getting its current core youngsters a taste of the playoffs to come.

Unloaded Booth's big contract for 2 UFAs at the end of the year. If we make the playoffs, great - they helped us. If we don't, we trade them for picks and have even more cap space. Good move.

Go after Setoguchi, Heatley, Sharp, Iginla, Carter (CBJ) -- go get the franchise a star player.

This was a classic Dale Tallon move. It unloads yet another ridiculous Jacques Martin/Randy Sexton contract (Olesz, Ballard, Frolik, Reinprecht, Horton) and adds TWO serviceable NHLers while dumping over $7M dollars in obligations. Booth has been utterly invisible this season and that was not going to change. Vancouver got a $4M guy who MAY crack their 3rd or 4th line. Tallon wins this trade, period. The Panthers got better even though they lost one of the faces of the franchise. We'll just have to find some new faces. While popular, Booth was a poster child for mediocrity. That might've cut it under Sexton/Keenan/Martin, but it won't work under Tallon's watch.

Now that we got another hard working, great character player from Germany, Tallon might make another move on Ehrhoff and Greiss, lure Seidenberg back to the Sunshine State, and Ft. Lauderdale based Old Heidelberg Deli will become the BAC's main catering company with those delicious sausages and great Munich Beer.
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