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Florida Panthers on Twitter ... All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Twitter Thought some of you might enjoy this, especially those of you who have been hesitent to sign up for Twitter.

Basically, it's one giant ball of text messages.

It's fun and it's free. It's also the quickest way to get news around.

Take for instance Monday. Many were emailing me wondering why I hadn't posted anything on Jonathan Huberdeau being sent back to juniors. In fact, I had posted more than a couple posts through Twitter.

Although I ended up posting a full story here, it took longer to crack open the laptop and type up a story than it did to send a text message through my phone and onto the internets.  

So if you want to follow me on Twitter -- which is a solid idea and makes a great Christmas gift -- head on over to Twitter.com and create an account.

Then, simply follow us @OnFrozenPond

Here are some others you may want to check out.

Feel free to add more Twitter accounts you think we should be following below on the comment section. 

And yes, by all means, throw your Twitter name out there on the comment section. You may just get some cool followers.

What is it, a handle?

Happy Tweeting! 10-4 good buddy!

@NHL – Official NHL Twitter feed

@OnFrozenPond – George Richards, Miami Herald

@FlaPanthers – Official Florida Panthers Twitter feed

@JackSkille – Panthers winger Jack Skille

@ScottieUpshall – Panthers winger Scottie Upshall

@ellerby88 – Panthers defenseman Keaton Ellerby

@j_markstrom – Panthers goalie Jacob Markstrom

@JonnyHuby11 – Panthers prospect Jonathan Huberdeau

@S_Timmins – Panthers prospect Scott Timmins

@PanthersYormark – Panthers president Michael Yormark

@hfialkov -- Some other guy who hangs out with me at practice