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Florida Panthers: What's Up with That Number?


Ever wonder why a player wears a certain number?

Sure, some players change numbers all the time. Sometimes they come to a team and are assigned a high number, but once they become established, get to take the one they wore when they were the star of their youth team.

Or something like that.

Anyway, I spoke to a few members of the Panthers on Wednesday and asked them "What's up with that number?" We'll do this randomly throughout the season.

9 Stephen Weiss -- No. 9

“I was pretty close family friends with Adam Graves and I would meet up with him at Maple Leaf Gardens when they were in town. And my uncle wore this number in college. You want to emulate people who you look up to. I wanted to be them, so I took their number.''

Jack Skille -- No. 12

Sstreet “I have worn either 20 or 12 throughout my career. It's a comfort thing. When I started at Wisconsin, the 12 looked really sharp so I took it. It's a good solid number.''

Mike Santorelli -- No. 13

Marino “They gave me this number in camp last year and it's worked out good. It's not because of Dan Marino. And I am a superstitious guy, but being Italian means I'm lucky. They factor each other out.''

25 Jacob Markstrom -- No. 25

“When I was I 16 and went to Brynas [Sweden] as a junior, there were only a few numbers we could have. [Anders] Lindback wore it and we're good friends, so I figured I would take it. I'm happy to have it.''

43 Mike Weaver -- No. 43

“They gave me this number in my first training camp with Atlanta so I kept it. It's a reminder of the road it took to get to the NHL. Looking at that 43 reminds me how lucky I am every day.''

44 Erik Gudbranson -- No. 44

"This is what the Panthers gave me. I have never worn 44 before, never thought about wearing it before here. But, I like it. It looks cool.''

Jose Theodore -- No. 60

60 “I wanted 33 in Montreal and they wouldn't give it to me because of Patrick Roy. I knew that. There were limited numbers so I took 60. I was going to change it, but we made the playoffs and I saw kids wearing my number, so I decided to keep it.''