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NHL Opening Day, 2011-12: Prediction Time!


Here are some predictions from around the hockey world on where the Panthers are expected to land once the dust settles as well as who's going to raise the Cup come June.

Where you got the Panthers?

Who you got winning it all?

Comment section below awaits...


FRANK SERAVALLI, Philadelphia Enquirer: Eighth in east

AARON PORTZLINE, Columbus Post-Dispatch: 11th in east

GEORGE RICHARDS, Miami Herald: 11th in east

MICHAEL RUSSO, Minneapolis Star-Tribune: 11th in east

ROB ROSSI, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: 12th in east

BUCKY GLEASON, Buffalo News: Fourth in SE

JIM GINTONIO, Arizona Republic: 13th in east

HELENE ELLIOTT, Los Angeles Times: 14th in east

THE HOCKEY NEWS: 14th in east

GREG WYSHYNSKI, Yahoo! Editor, Puck Daddy: 14th in east

ED WILLES, The (Vancouver) Province: 15th in east


JIM GINTONIO, Arizona Republic: Chicago d. Tampa Bay

BUCKY GLEASON, Buffalo News: Los Angeles d. Tampa Bay 

AARON PORTZLINE, Columbus Post-Dispatch: Tampa Bay d. Chicago

GEORGE RICHARDS, Miami Herald: Los Angeles d. Washington

ROB ROSSI, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Montreal d. Detroit

MICHAEL RUSSO, Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Los Angeles d. Tampa Bay

ED WILLES, The (Vancouver) Province: San Jose d. Philadelphia

GREG WYSHYNSKI, Yahoo! Editor, Puck Daddy: San Jose d. Pittsburgh

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Washington d. Chicago




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I think we'll at least see some .500 hockey this season. Looking forward to a new style of hockey that we never got under DeBoer or JM the GM. I do feel we wont be in the bottom 3 of the EAST though.

Watch out for New Jersey being a playoff contender under DeBoer.

IF the goaltending situation can hold up through the season I can see the Panthers fighting for eighth. I'm looking at it like the 08-09 season where Florida will be close but they might not be close enough. (Hopefully our hopes aren't crushed by a lame tie breaker)

11th to 13th, teams are closer than ever before in talent level, there are 3 or 4 elite teams in the east and then you can shake out the rest.

For the panthers goaltending will be a big issue.

Finals San Jose and Washington

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