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Panthers Goalie Decision to Come: Jacob Markstrom Almost Certainly Headed to San Antonio

Scott Clemmensen is expected to be recalled from the Panthers minor league affiliate in San Antonio on Monday after giving up just one late goal off 33 shots in a 6-1 victory over the Toronto Marlies on Saturday night.

Clemmensen wanted to play in the Rampage's game Sunday as well but was told by the Panthers head athletic trainer not to.

With Clemmensen coming back, rookie Jacob Markstrom is expected to be sent to the minors – despite his success on the NHL level this season.

Markstrom is in the second year of his entry level contract and can be sent to the minors without having to pass through waivers; Clemmensen is being paid his NHL contract ($1.5 million) in the minors.

Florida could carry three goalies but will not do so.

Clemmensen was vying for the starting job before having knee surgery during training camp. Clemmensen appeared in one preseason game before getting hurt; Saturday's appearance in San Antonio was his first game experience since surgery. He'll start back by backing up Theodore.

“I liked my goaltender [Sunday], I thought he did a good job,'' coach Kevin Dineen said. “[Theodore] is our starter and has done a good job.''




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This is borderline insane. Eat the salary if you have to but Markstrom has proven he's the best goalie we have and his future is now. Send down the guy who gives us the best chance to win?

I think it's smart to give the rookie time... we are not competing for an NHL cup this year...good move

Give Clem a few games, let him do well and then he has some trade value. He's a cheap solution to a team that needs to bring in a goalie now as his contract expires this year. He had 25 wins with the Devils a few years ago and when playing regularly he's better than people think.

This is yet another move that will ENSURE the BankAtlantic Center remains empty for a long time to come. Theodore is weak and Clemmensen is absolutely no better. Markstrom was the only hope we had of competing for a playoff spot. Watch tonight's game-tying goal against Tampa. Theodore is sitting on his backside (where he seems to spend a lot of time) as the puck went in.

it better for markstrom to go to san antonio where he will be the starter instead of sitting on the bench playing some games behind theodore.

Tough call. Not a Panthers fan but I've been a fan of Markstrom for a few years. While SC is getting "the paycheck", I think it's still wise to try to put peeps in seats in south Florida. JM is ready now and will be the man for the future. Time for Florida to worry about other areas of their roster, IMO.

I am not a fan of Panthers, but I am a huge fan of Jacob Markstrom. This is just stupid, he have been playing really well. How can you send him down?!

Another great game tonight. 3-0 lead blown away and they lose ONCE AGAIN in the SO.

When is this going to end?

Another great move, sending Markstrom down is insane and proof that this organization continues to strive for failure rather than success.

Disgusting. Empty BAC until those Montreal and Ranger games lol. Pathetic organization.

It's the right move Markstrom still has a lot to learn he stays back in the net too long and gives up fat rebounds

Better to play 50 go 60 games then sit

At the trade deadline expect the panthers to trade one of their goalies


I am a die hard Panther fan since day one, but after yesterday and this news-- I surrender. Time to become a fan of a team that really cares, certainly NOT this moribund disorganization. P.S. Good to see all 161 pounds of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins excelling at NHL level, unlike all 171 pounds of Huberdeau toiling away again in juniors. Good call Panthers

Lol the season is ending because markstrom is going to minors? And I thought I was an alarmist. It better for a goalie to at as many games as possi le then sit and collect dust in the bench. If you want proof, see Neuvirth and Holtby of the caps. My convern for the panthers and their
Season is Secondary scoring, they need more from lines 2 through 4. I wonder if Tallo.n regrets sending Huby to minors with the way he is dominating in the goal department we could have used one of those goals last night.

We need Sammuelson to play already.

The frontrunning mentality is alive and well in south Florida, I see... Pushing the panic button after the Panthers have had their first winning start in years... yeah, great idea.

IF (and yes I said "if"), the Cats make it to the playoffs this season, that will be a nice bonus on top of a great season thus far. The plan is working just fine, and rushing Huberdeau/Markstrom is NOT the way to go about matters. One only has to look at how they rushed Weiss to play after drafting him to see how that thinking DOES NOT work. FYI.. in the last three games, they DID get a point in each loss (UNLIKE previous years).

ROFL same old panthers; Markstrom wont sit on pine he's the number one goalie right now, and would play 35 games easily. Theodore is a nice mediocre goalie, Jacob is special.
What a ridiculous move. Take a borderline playoff team, and send down their best chance to end a decade of disaster.
My first disdain with Tallon.

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