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Flyers Dig Life in the Sun, Bounce Florida Panthers 3-2 ... Stephen Weiss Hits Milestone, Gets Kicked Out ... Two More ex-Panthers to Reach Hall of Fame Monday

RockyAfter playing their previous game Wednesday in Tampa, the Philadelphia Flyers made themselves at home in the Sunshine State with a 'team bonding' trip that including fishing on the Gulf, golf and time by the pool. 

On Sunday, the tourists from Broad Street took over BankAtlantic Center with a strong performance in a 3-2 win over the Panthers. 

So, the Panthers failed to win at home again? The good news is they go right back on the road. 

Florida has been strong on the road and just so-so in Sunrise so far this season, Sunday just another example of the Panthers lack of a home-ice advantage.

The Panthers came into the game tied for the league lead with six road wins; Florida is tied for last with just two at home. Florida kicks off another two-game road trip Tuesday in Dallas. This is nothing new: The Panthers haven't had a winning home record since 2008-09.

“You want to have success in front of your home base,'' coach Kevin Dineen said. “We have business to take care of this week before we come back here.''

The Panthers weren't happy with the officiating crew, not after Matt Read was given a penalty shot 4:14 into the third on a Jason Garrison penalty. 
Stephen Weiss was obviously steamed, so much, he had some select words for the official and was ejected. Read scored on the penalty shot – this was during a four-minute power play by the Panthers – and Philadelphia had a 3-1 lead. 

“I got caught flat footed, there was a loose puck on the boards and one of their guys flew,'' Garrison said. “He was off to the races and my only play was to try and get the puck. Obviously I hit the body as well. I'm not exactly sure what happened with [Weiss], but it's an emotional game and he was showing his emotion. He was probably frustrated with the call. It was a tough goal for them to get.''

With Weiss out, Florida was down two forwards as Jack Skille left the game with an undisclosed injury earlier. Still, the Panthers had plenty of chances as Philadelphia was called for six penalties. The Panthers failed to cash in on any of them.

“I believe it was a penalty, not a penalty shot,'' Dineen said. “Stephen showed frustration. Our composure was not great and that was a good example of it. We lost our best forward for the last 10 minutes of the game. .-.-. Stephen is, to me, our most valuable player in how I use him in a lot of key situations, power play and penalty killing. When he's not there, it's a pretty big hole.''

Philadelphia took its first lead with 3:50 left in the first as Danny Briere roofed a loose puck down low. In the second, Braydon Coburn took a pretty pass from Jakub Voracek and slid it past Jose Theodore (32 saves). Florida got going midway through the second with Evgeny Dadonov scoring in his first game back from the minors. 

Down 3-1, the Panthers pulled Theodore late and got an goal in the closing seconds as Tomas Fleischmann flipped the puck past Ilya Bryzgalov with a mere 7.4 seconds remaining. 

“It was one of those games where we weren't very good early,'' Ed Jovanovski said. “We made it a game. We kind of just ran out of time.''


The Panthers will have two more former players inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto on Monday as Joe Nieuwendyk and Ed Belfour will join Doug Gilmour and Mark Howe as the Hall's Class of 2012.

Nieuwendyk, now the general manager of the Dallas Stars, signed with the Panthers soon after the lockout in 2005 but retired early in the 2006-07 season before briefly joining the Florida front office. Belfour also spent his final NHL season with the Panthers, playing here in 2006-07. 

Other players in the hall who have played for the Panthers include Dino Ciccarelli (1998-99), Igor Larionov (2000), coach Roger Nielson (1993-95) and builder Bill Torrey (1993-present). 

-- Weiss moved into a tie for second place for games played with the Panthers. Weiss will pass Robert Svehla on Tuesday at Dallas as both are tied with 573 games. Radek Dvorak set the record with 613 last season.



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On the Weiss ejection: Neither Stephane Auger nor Kelly Sutherland is in the top rank of NHL officials. Auger, especially, leaves much to be desired.

What a bad game for the panthers, they lost their composure. I hope Skille is ok, we need his physical and speedy presence on the ice. Not to sound like a broken record when will Sammuelson be playing?

Panthers got _schooled_. PHI showed 'em what being a top team in the NHL is about. Panthers aint ready. Not close. Tonights game also proves how much impact a _legitimate_ #1 goaltender can have on a game.

Their PK was beyond awesome. Made our "hot" PP look lame.

We will never have a home ice advanced tags when 30-40%I of seats are filled with fans from and Canada, NY, Philly, Washington, NJ, etc. Must be brutal for players new to South FL...

Keep winning, Cats, and turn this fickle fan base into believers who will fill these seats!

"Home ice advantage". By the way, DROIDX keypad and auto-spell piss me off!

Yormark is partly responsible for the empty seats in that building. Buy-one-Get-One sales for season-ticket holders means that those seats go straight to eBay and elsewhere. The only people buying those seats are the visiting team's fans. Otherwise they go unsold and unused. Until the Panthers make it tough to win in this place, their fans will continue to suffer indignities nightly. Winning home games is paramount to success, and it's a necessary step in regaining the fans you've lost over the years. NO ONE wants to come to that rink and be surrounded by thousands of a-holes AND watch their team lose. WIN, and things will change.

And while I'm at it: Why is Bill Murphy forced to be the butt of jokes and one-liners from the PA announcer? These ridiculous quips are inane, childish, and unnecessary. I've been told that Pete Soto is the one writing them, but Jay Rokeach's delivery of them makes them even more annoying. They're patently unfunny, so just knock it off.

And I'm so sick and tired of EVERY LITTLE THING being turned into a commercial out there. Useless trivia about upcoming artists and shows; stupid contests sponsored by every stinking business with a dollar to spare for advertising, and the CONSTANT flashing LED boards being allowed to flash advertising DURING PLAY. Someone needs to put Yormark in check. He is ABSOLUTELY RUINING the hockey experience at the BAC.

I've watched the Coca-Cola thing every single night. They have fans waive their $9 Coke cups in the air in hopes of winning a prize... Unbeknownst to the hundreds of sheep waiving their drinks in the air is that the "Rat Pack" (in their tiger-striped[?] clothes) have already planted the "winner" with an empty cup to hold up for the cameras. It's funny because each and every night the "winner" waives the cup around in such a fashion that it's OBVIOUSLY empty. Contrived contests with pre-determined winners and useless trivia with the answers supplied to the contestant are an embarrassment to the fans who care how our organization looks to other fans. Yormark is such a putz.

Conspiracy! Haha... Be one of the first fans through the gate and catch the promoter kids.

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