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Florida Panthers Krys Barch Ejected for Racial Slur on Canadiens P.K. Subban

Barch2Florida Panthers enforcer Krys Barch – brought to Florida in a trade with Dallas last month – was ejected after linesman Darren Gibbs overheard him use a racial slur during a scrum near the Florida net at the end of the first period of Florida's game against Montreal.

Barch's slur was aimed toward Montreal's P.K. Subban, who is black. 

“No comment,'' general manager Dale Tallon said as he was heading downstairs during the second intermission. “I don't know what happened yet.''

Said team general partner Cliff Viner: “This is not what the character of this organization is about. SubbanPeriod. I'm devastated by that kind of behavior. That is not what we're about as an organization, a team, coaching staff, hockey operations.

"Dale, I'm sure, will be very critical of this. I hope they talk to the team and let them know this is unacceptable. You play hard, you fight hard. But that's not part of any competition.''


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Yikes, I never knew the Panthers supported racism. This is crazy! Aren't we in 2012? I can't believe a legitimate sports team condones this type of behavior. W-O-W.

I want no part of this team.

FLhockeyguy, you are one uncultured person. Think before you type. That is if you even know how to think.

Would not be surprised if "FLhockeyguy" and "MiamiGurl" were the same person. Both posts display the same lack of critical thought.

Barch was penalized for something not a single person on the Canadiens team heard. We all know NHL refs can't see a thing, yet we hold their auditory skills above reproach in the middle of a scrum before 20,000 screaming fans?

If Subban didn't hear it, and no one on his team did, maybe, just maybe the refs got it wrong.

Not a sermon, just a thought.

Krys Barch should be ejected not only for a game but from the NHL for life.It's an outrage and a shame the Panthers are trying to defend his inexcusable actions.

Danno and MiamiGurl, please, show me the line where it even suggests that the Panthers supported/defended/condoned racism or Barch's alleged statement? Your comments are full of so much ignorance it disgusts me.

It was infact the linesman who made this MISTAKE. Likely it will be him who will suffer consequences, as he should. No one wants their name dragged through the mud because someone else made a mistake! Remember PEOPLE - don't assume - - don't beleive everything the media tells us . . .its mostly false info. The truth will soon come out about this, and their will be apologies made to Krys Barch - guaranteed.

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