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Florida Panthers Not 'Quick' Enough to Beat LA Kings ... Jonathan Quick Makes 41 Saves in LA's 2-1 Win ... Kevin Dineen: "We Completely Outplayed Them''

BhillsLOS ANGELES – Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi was asked how his team held off the Panthers on Thursday night in a game in which Florida dominated play for much of the night.

“That's easy,'' Scuderi said, sweat pouring off his face as he fought to catch his breath. “Jonathan Quick.''

Quick was the difference as the Kings held off a hard-skating Panthers team 2-1 at Staples Center. Quick made 41 saves in the game, his only blemish coming when Sean Bergenheim slapped at a loose puck as he was falling backward in the slot. The Kings held a 2-0 lead prior to that, but Bergenheim's goal was all the Panthers would get.

“We thoroughly outplayed them and they were trying to run around and hack us and slash us,'' coach Kevin Dineen said. “You know, when you are getting outplayed as badly as they were, that's the response. What are you going to do?

"We feel very good about the way we played and we Lalivemove forward from there. There were plenty of opportunities. Their goalie certainly got them a couple of points. [Jose Theodore] gave us every chance to win.''

Thursday's game had plenty of physical moments as Bergenheim knocked Mike Richards out of the game with a hit in the second period, one that led to a pair of penalties against the former Philadelphia captain as well as penalties against Bergenheim and Jarret Stoll. 

Richards, who infamously crushed then-Panthers winger David Booth with an open ice hit in 2009, left the game with an undisclosed 'upper body injury.' 

Florida had a four-minute power play (the Kings could have taken two minutes of 5-on-3 play instead) but failed to convert. The Kings were called for eight infractions during the opening 40 minutes but none in the final 20. 

Regardless, the Panthers – who threw up 29 shots at Quick in the final two periods and had 17 missed in the game – couldn't get anything past the Los Angeles goalie. Florida went 0-for-6 on the power play as Kris Versteeg missed his first game of the season after breaking his nose on Tuesday.

The Panthers say Versteeg should return Saturday against San Jose. 

Tomas Kopecky riled up the Kings on Thursday as he camped in front of the net and made a pest of himself.

At one point late in the third, Quick had to be pulled away from Kopecky behind the net. When asked if the former Blackhawks forward had any real past with the Kings, Panthers general manager Dale Tallon quipped, ''nah, he annoys a lot of teams. They all hate playing against him.''

Los Angeles opened the scoring on a shot from Jack Johnson 1:35 in on the second shot of the night against Jose Theodore (24 saves). The Kings made it 2-0 with 5:47 left in the second when Dustin Brown scored on a similar shot from outside the circle. Just over a minute later, Bergenheim cut the Florida deficit in half, but that's where the scoring ended. 

“He made big saves all night and we just didn't have an answer,'' said Stephen Weiss, who had five of Florida's shots. “We'll regroup and hopefully have the same effort against San Jose, just get some bounces. We had great chances all night. They just weren't going in.

"The other night in Carolina we didn't have our best game by any means, but we got a bounce and won the game. Those things happen. We got a lot of positive out of tonight that's for sure.''



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Most dominanting Loss I've seen in a long time. But hey, that's hockey! Great effort by the Panthers. Keep it up boys!

Boy oh Boy is your coach a whiner or what? Scoreboard! And as far as teams hacking away, your team did a pretty good job of that, suspension coming I'm sure!

What is the deal with Bergenheim? He intentionally hits Richards in the head, then runs away from Kyle Clifford, and then Ethan Moreau when they challenge him...

Theodore was almost as good as Quick. It could have been 4-1.

I'm so confused by the hit on Richards. Clean shoulder hit ..didnt leave his feet. Richard was looking down. After the non call on Joselin they better not suspend Bergy. Richards is the biggest cry baby. And after his DavidBooth his I kinda wished Bergy left his feet and put a solid elbow to his head. Great performance guys ...Let's beat thhose sharks. We usually have better luck at the tank than at Staples.

Wow, your coach can't admit defeat. Outplayed them? Um...no, the game was ruled by the refs in favor of Florida yet the Kings still won. You also left out Bergenheim justifying his hit to Richards because of what he did years ago.

“It was almost like having the dirtiest hit on Wayne Gretzky,’’ Bergenheim joked about the reaction of the Kings on his hit on Richards. “Keep your head up. He’s a physical player himself and has done some fairly dirty stuff. Actually the Booth hit under today’s standard would probably be a pretty long suspension. It was a perfect hit right in the chest.’’

Tim Leiweke could tell you different (I can tell you that since I sat behind him, he was irate the whole 3rd). Yet Bergenheim wouldn't step up when any of the Kings would hit him into the board or be physical. Just wait until the Kings play in Florida, Karma is coming right back.

blah blah blah . . . blah blah . . . blahblahblah. stick to your own message boards, the panthers totally outplayed you and you know it! when the kings play in florida, the score is what's gonna be different.

Did Kevin Dineen even watch the game last night against the Kings? Just wondering because the Florida Panthers did NOT outplay the Kings last night. Sure, on the powerplay is where it was hectic and in the 2nd period for the (first half) dominated the Kings. But other than that, you guys got the end of the stick for a reason because you couldn't score. As for Sean Bergenheim, I hope he enjoys that suspension that is coming up.

Remind that loser coach of yours that he's a coach now and not the mediocre player that he used to be. SB is a worm..step-up and take your beating like a man...oh well, Florida will be in Hamilton or Portland before long anyway!!..happy losing Miami b*tches!

If it wasnt for Quick the Panthers would of won 4-2 atleast

The Panthers did outplay the Kings last night and deserved to win. Mike Richards is the most foolish player in the game, "Aw, I got hit cleanly, now let me run around hacking people wah wah wah."

2-1, what else needs to be said.

How can a team thats been around since the 60's and had Wayne Gretzky on the team not win a cup. Panthers have just as many cups and conference championships as the Kings, and in a shorter amount of time. Enjoy watching highlights of Mike Richards sitting in the press box while Sean Bergenheim plays.

Kings fans, it turns out, are just a bunch of sniveling sore winners. Rather than admitting that their mediocre hockey team was outplayed but won anyway because of their terrific goalie, they come on here and snipe away at Dineen. Why don't you morons just concentrate on winning something other than meaningless early December games against Eastern Conference teams. Luckily San Jose won so it keeps the pressure on LA to do something (which they won't). Bergenheim will not be suspended. Just added another team whose fans I cannot stand. Welcome to the club, crybabies.

I don't know what all this hype about the Panthers is all about. Their play making was mediocre which is why they only scored one goal. On a scale of 1 to 5, that was about a 3 star rating for the quality of shots Quick had to face. Can't believe that team leads their division. Hopefully Versteeg is their play maker. If not I don't see that team going anywhere and Bergerheim is a wussy.

What you just said nicely sums up 43 years of LA Kings hockey. Going nowhere and weak. The Panthers put 42 shots on goal while missing FIVE starting forwards due to injury. That's right, nearly 1/2 of all of Florida's regular forwards are out with injuries and they still made you look bad. Quick was beast. Otherwise, it would've been a 4-point swing between you and the Sharks. Richards is a punk and our "wussy" rang his bell.

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