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Florida Panthers Ready for Road Game at Home: Team Asks Season Ticket Holders to Trade In Canadiens Tickets

QuebectagIf you are a season ticket holder, the Florida Panthers want to know if you plan on going to the annual New Year's Eve game against the Canadiens. 

Not only have they sent out emails to season ticket holders but they are also calling them.

If you're not, the Panthers have sweetened the pot: Give us your ticket for the Canadiens and we'll give you tickets to TWO games in 2012.

It's obvious demand will be high for the Canadiens game as usual.

And the Panthers could use the cash.

So, they'll take your ticket, jack up the price and sell it to someone else. Likely someone with Quebec tags on their car. 

Yeah, it's going to be another road game for the Panthers on home ice that night.

Make no doubt, the price is higher for the Habs than other games -- and they'll probably sell all of them.

Visit ticketmaster.com and you'll find plenty of tickets for Tuesday's game against the Coyotes starting at just under $16. 

For the Canadiens, the cheapest ticket is $53.

On StubHub, tickets to the Coyotes can be found starting at $10; for the Habs, it's currently $19.

QuebecHere's the email the Panthers sent out to season ticket holders: 

This season’s December 31st New Year’s Eve matchup against Montreal looks to be our most anticipated home game of 2011, and we’re going to do whatever we can to fill absolutely every seat in the BankAtlantic Center for puck drop.

If you’d like to purchase extra tickets for this game, please contact your representative as soon as possible to get the best seats left available. As a reminder, puck drop is at 7pm.  

On the contrary, if you are not using your season tickets for the Dec. 31st game, we would like to offer you tickets to two other games of your choice (no restrictions, post-January 1st, 2012) in exchange for them.

We want to provide the most exciting and electric atmosphere possible for our team and our fans, and we need your help. 


We look forward to seeing you at the BankAtlantic Center soon on New Year’s Eve and for all of our spectacular December home games.



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....sickening in my opinion.

never heard of such a thing in all my years. only in south florida

its why certain folks are so happy we are in the Canadian conference for next season. Its one final insult to season ticket holders.

the only team in sofla to encourage fans to sell their tickets so the opponents can outcheer the home team... this team has always been about the $$$$$$$$$$$. Too bad, hoping this team would start to develop a new base

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...that's South FloriDUH for ya!!!!!

Yormark needs to go back to Vegas and try and get a casino instead of being involved in hockey including the marketing of the team

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