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Panthers Lose Dmitry Kulikov for 6-8 Weeks After Knee Surgery ... Tyson Strachan Ready to Go

Kulikov (2)Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov had knee surgery in Coral Gables on Monday and will miss the next six to eight weeks.

Kulikov was injured during Saturday's win against Winnipeg, although he continued to play. Kulikov played eight shifts in the third period, then three in overtime.

“That's obviously a big loss for us,'' Dineen said. “I wish his knee felt as good as his attitude. He's such an enthusiastic young man and has been a big part of what we've done this year. We have some resiliency and we're going to need it.''

Tyson Strachan is in tonight and could be paired with former Blues teammate Mike Weaver.

Strachan says he is glad to be up with the Panthers and didn't think he would have taken this long for Florida to need a d-man from San Antonio. 

He also says he and Matt Bradley are cool.

Despite this:

"I really need to get that off YouTube,'' Strachan said with a laugh.




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Season over because they lost Dimitry Kulikov? If this season falls apart, I'm sure that'll be what Kevin Dineen blames it on. "You know, if we hadn't lost Kulikov, we'd probably be holding the Cup right now!"

Please. He's a good player, but if they don't make the playoffs it won't be because Kulikov went down for 6-8 weeks.

Seriously man. Comments like this, or "this team is in a free fall", or "same old Panthers" are just annoying. This team is in 1st place! This team finished in 2nd to last place in the Eastern Conference last year! It's probably the most improved team in hockey! And people still look for negative things to say. Amazing.

This might mean we'll be a player at the deadline. Hopefully we don't give have to give up a Bjustead or Howden thou...not a fan of mortgaging the future, especially a future that is so bright!

Go Cats!

GR the RPTR:
Thanks for providing the you tube video. Whenever you give us these "special extras" they really enhance my fan experience. Stuff like the videos from Helsinki, the Central Park skate and frequent links to other sites of interest have given me and my family a lot of extra enjoyment over the years. Thank you.

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