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Florida Panthers Season Ticket Renewal Includes Postseason 'Discount' as 'Free' Parking Era Ends at The Billboard

PanthersseasontixThe Florida Panthers are as close to a playoff berth as they've been in the past decade.

And they're ready to cash in. 


All the gimicks, most of the giveaways, the free parking -- over.

Well, for now anyway.

According to a season ticket renewal secured by The Miami Herald, the Panthers will sell postseason tickets to season ticket holders at their current price.

But only if they pay up in full for next season by Feb. 13 or make three monthly payments and have the account paid for.

For instance, a fan sitting in the 400 level would pay around $12 per playoff ticket – same as what he/she pays for regular season games – if purchased in advance and with next year secure. 

If you don't renew? 

The strip of 16 playoff tickets can still be purchased, only the price goes from $200* to $1,100 – or $53 per game.

That's an increase of more than 400 percent over what one would spend by renewing.

(*) – Season ticket holders who do not renew have to buy the entire playoff run (16 games) in advance. Full season ticket holders who renew for next season can buy the playoffs round-by-round.

Whatever games aren't played will be refunded at a later date. Or turned into Panther Bucks. Your choice!

-- The 'free*' parking that most have enjoyed the past few seasons is ending at the end of this regular season. 

Panthersseason2The Panthers will charge at the gate for parking in the postseason – unless you are a full season ticket holder in good standing for 2012-13, you get in free. 

If you are not renewed, you have to pay. Included in that $1,100 bill is $240 for 'game day parking.'

The Panthers also say they will charge a “minimum” of $15 per car next season for everyone except for FULL season ticket holders.

The wording on the document says that it will be 'variable price, based on event.' 

So, don't be surprised if fans coming to see the CanadiensRangers and Canadiens get hit with $30 parking.

The Panthers will offer $5 parking (in advance) for those who buy half season plans and $10 for those with some sort of a mini plan.

Other charges:

-- $5 service charge.

-- $10 donation to the Panthers Foundation.

-- $59.99 subscription to the 'Panthers Insider' magazine.

PantherslebronAccording to one season ticket holder, you can have the previous two charges taken off your bill. 

-- It's $20 extra to get real tickets instead of e-tickets.

-- Season ticket holders are getting a 'free' Panthers home jersey (maximum of six per account).

So that's cool.