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NHL All-Star Reserves Announced Thursday: Which Florida Panthers Are Going?

OttawapuckPanthers coach Kevin Dineen said he felt the Florida Panthers should be "well represented" at the All-Star Game later this month.

But will they?

In a story on NHL.com, On Frozen Pond pal Corey Masisak put together his list of the players he feels will be in Ottawa.

The only Panthers selection: Brian Campbell.

I do feel that Corey is right in that Campbell will get the call. But there are other Panthers who deserve a ring as well. 

How about Kris Versteeg? Jason 'The G-52 Bomber' Garrison? 

I would have thought Stephen Weiss would have made it because of the value he carries to the Panthers, but his recent dry spell -- he hasn't scored since getting two against Washington on Dec. 5 -- is probably going to be his undoing.

OttawawinterOf course, missing Ottawa at the end of January is a nice consolation prize.

The NHL will announce the rest of the roster -- six players have already been selected -- tomorrow.

PS: I also think Erik Gudbranson is a lock to be one of the rookie selections being from Ottawa and all. 


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The predictions are laughable. Especially when they stated some of the players were selected mainly because they would be the only rep for their team. If I remember correctly the cats didnt have a rep for a year or two but yet nothing was changed in the final roster to make things "fair". Sorry but this list shows Evander Kane as making the cut? Sure he's having a decent season but Versteeg and Fleischmann are 5x more deserving. Hell even the real Kane from Chicago is more deserving then this kid.

Panthers have less fans than other traditional markets hence the low fan balloting of Panther players.

Just watch when the Rangers are in town or when the Habs are in town. The BAC is half and half. That's a joke.

That's bcz the BAC is in Broward ... Dade would fill it just like in the good old days ....
Am I beating a dead horse again?
All-Star Weekend as important as wearing sunglasses at night.

Cris Bosh has been playing the low post very well
He should get all star recognition
What do you guys think???
I also believe Jeff Fisher is the proper hire for this ballclub moving forward.
Ahhhh he was a yard away from that stanley cup eyyyy

I'd rather the Panthers players get to rest, All Star game in the NHL is as bad as the All Pro game in football. Alot of Panthers are deserving, but it's about the team (ie rest and get healthy), so I hope it's only B. Campbell, G-52 for the hardest shot, and Gudbranson for the rookie game. Though Steeger and Flash deserve to go.

Looking at their schedule, their 1st 4 games out of the gate after the All Star break are against SE Division opponents, including 2 against the Capitals.

Yea, I'd much rather have them rested.

he was right... only Campbell

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