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Former Florida Panthers Captain Bryan McCabe: "I'm Done.''

Mccabe2 (3)BY GEORGE RICHARDS Twitter: @OnFrozenPond

Bryan McCabe, captain of the Panthers from 2009 until his trade to the Rangers at last season's trade deadline, says he is unofficially retired.

McCabe watched Wednesday's game from the press box and says he has been working with Florida general manager Dale Tallon for the past few months and is helping the team scout ahead of the Feb. 27 trade deadline.

McCabe and his family reside in Boca Raton. “Florida is home for us now,'' said McCabe, who played 1,135 games over 16 seasons with the Islanders, Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto, Florida and the Rangers.

Mccabe4He was with the Panthers from 2008-11.

“Am I trying to play again? No. I'm done,'' McCabe said. “I'm down here, retired, have three kids now so that's what I'm doing. That's real work. The offers came in, but I don't want to leave here. We called it a day.

"I knew this day was coming and I'm fine. I'm settled in.''


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he's been done for 10 years...

Met McCabe at Leaf game on Saturday in Toronto. He said the same thing. Time to put family first. Good decision and happy retirement.

Did he ever get started? Lol

Did he ever get started, you ask?

No... every bum d-man in the NHL has a 68 point season on his resume.

Happy Trails McCabe. Often maligned but very effective defender. Enjoy retirement.

He could still play another 2 or 3 years, he is leaving millions on the table. I was wonder what his deal was this year as I had not heard an official retirement. His wife is Fu#king Krazy

I agree that he could still play couple of years but it's his decision..

Loved his can-opener move in the Leafs vs. Islander playoff series. Very over-rated. Trust me if anyone was interested in him, he would have signed. There was no interest b/c he stinks.

Says a lot about both Tallon and Bryan, that Tallon would hire him and he doesn't have to move his family. Welcome home B.

I guess it's to be expected that the McCabe haters will come out to gloat. Loved watching him unload that huge shot of his. Played his heart out for the Panthers too--threw himself in front of shots, did the dirty work.

You don't end up being captain as often as he was and not be a total class act. It's the players he played with and the teams he played for that are best suited to properly judge his career--not pseudo hockey fans.

As David K. said: how many defensemen have his point totals, goal totals, etc. on their resume? Well said.

Thanks for the years, Bryan.

Guy missed like a shift after breaking his jaw - while playing with a broken finger. Good guy, good player who was well respected. If this is the path he now wants to take his career, I hope it works out for him.

Had a lot of heart. Glad to have him remain in S. Fl:)

I thought he was a good player for us...and he can still play. Maybe he'll change his mind and play for us if we make the playoffs.

Not related to McCabe, who, for a player who was surroinded by a lot of notoriety since his Leaf days, is one whom I liked.

Now, on to why Im posting.

Trade Weiss now. Guy sucks and is frustrating to watch. Dont give a damn about who you get in return. Weiss is terrible.

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