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Here's to No Hair: Florida Panthers Erik Gudbranson, Mike Weaver Getting Snipped for Charity Tonight in Plantation

MatthiasbaldFlorida Panthers defensemen Erik Gudbranson and Mike Weaver are shaving their heads tonight at Duffy's in Plantation.

It's for a good cause: The duo are donating whatever they raise to the St. Baldrick's Foundation which raises money for Pediatric Cancer research. 

Shawn Matthias and Jack Skille took to the clippers last season. 

The event starts at 6 p.m., with a number of Panthers sticking around to answer questions and sign autographs out on the Panther Patio.

Duffy's is located on University Drive in the Fountains Shopping Center just north of I-595 and south of the Broward Mall.

To make a donation to the boys, you can do so online.




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As you guys know I have been a very positive supporter of the Panthers. I've always thought they were fair in their dealings with the public. That stopped today. I have been trying to renew my season tickets since 9:00 this morning. There have been several hold ups. First and foremost I've been asked to pay a parking charge I don't need. I drive a Lexus, Lexus parking is free of charge for anyone driving a Lexus, that is, except if you are a season ticket owner. Season ticket owners are charged $100.00 for parking weather you need it or not. This is unbelievable. I'm buying my season tickets, but the good will that the Panthers had with me is gone. I guess I'm a sucker for renewing my season tickets, I should have told the account rep to stick that charge where the sun don't shine, but I'm not. I'm just going to be repeating this post on every blog I can, and I'm going to talk to Harvey and George about this.

Im confused i thought parking was free if you renew?

I have a 21 game package.

That's crazy...never heard of mandatory parking fees...what if you don't drive?

If you want to see my renewal notice I can email it. I have a 21 game package.

But of course:


I've already e-mailed Lexus as well to let them know I'm p_st.

come on George you are dealing with Yormark the used car salesmen of course he is going to make you buy something you don't need

I tooam extremely disappointed at the Panthers. They start to win and they say the hell with you loyal fans who have stuck with us year after year. You have to pay for parking , you have to pay to print out your tickets what is next. Yourmark is a cheap used car salesman. He reminds me of Bernie Madoff, he will stick it to anyone he can even his loyal backers.

the paying to print your tickets is just rediculous! Its and extra $20/ticket I think. I mean seriously, we renewed by the deadline, full season 4 seats, you could print our own tickets

Panthers change their min. Yesterday I posted some a very frustrated post about the Panther's parking fee issue, and their business practices. Well, I can say that they stepped up to the plate and amended their previous stance. This was a very responsive by the organization, they recognized that their policy was patently unfair. This was a great decision. Thanks to the Panthers.

Please look at your season ticket stubs from THIS year... you will see a "seat use fee" of $1.50 per ticket. What's that all about, you Yormark slime?

So Michael, what did they do to amend their policy???

You know this is about an fundraiser these two guys have done and you use the forum to talk about your tickets PLEASE my 14yr old son has Melanoma he was at this event he had his head shaved along with his big brother Jonathan and his father Gary and these two NHL Florida Panthers players stepped up to the plate and shaved there heads so next time you want to complain about your season tickets and parking fee's think twice what this story is about, NOT u it's about NHL Players some of our very own Florida Panther players SHAVING THERE HEADS TO RAISE MONEY FOR KIDS WITH CANCER SO GET OF THE CRAP ABOUT YOUR PARKING FEE's and step up & donate to this great cause.

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