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Dale Tallon: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade Comments OK With Florida Panthers ... He Wants Manning With Dolphins as Well

LebronseatBY GEORGE RICHARDS Twitter: @OnFrozenPond

PITTSBURGH -- Both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have made their case in trying to get Peyton Manning to sign with the Dolphins, basically saying they want all the teams in South Florida to succeed. With one exception.

Guess who was left out?

Wade tweeted that he wants the Dolphins to go “all in” like the Heat and Marlins.

LebronbrownsJames told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that “I want Miami sports to be great: The U, the Dolphins, the Marlins, the Heat, of course.”

So where's the love for the Southeast Division leading Florida Panthers?

General manager Dale Tallon said he didn't feel slighted by the Heat stars and adds he hopes Manning comes south as well.

“I wish everyone in South Florida well because I'm a sports fan too. It will be a good thing when everyone down here is winning,'' Tallon said.

“We want to have success as well. When we do, we'll be in those conversations. It takes time.''

() The Panthers held an optional practice in Coral Springs on Saturday with injured players Dmitry Kulikov (knee), Scottie Upshall (sports hernia) and Kris Versteeg (hip) all skating in non-contact jerseys.

Versteeg is expected to be the first of the three to return with Kulikov not far behind.



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I didn't know we still had a hockey team here.

Oh wow, George, it looks like Dave Hyde just commented on your blog.

You mean to tell me they haven't heard of Club Red!?!?

I am not a basketball fan and pretty sure LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are not hockey fans. Understandable I didn't care when Heat failed or last year when they choked. I would much rather watch a bad hockey game than any basketball game. Watching a bunch of sweaty guys runing back and forth bouncing a ball does nothing for me. Fun game to play but boring to watch.

Upshall = biggest waste of money.

you know they didn't just forget about the panthers and just left them out for spite. It's typical race bs. They know 95% of the league is non-african americans, so they pretend the sport doesn;t exist and that theyr boring, uninspiring sport is so great! ha. who cares!

basket ball 7 ft guys putting a round ball in a round basket only what 12 ft off the ground and they march up and down the court with out contact , big deal raise the basket to 14 or 15 ft and make the hole smaller and allow full contact and maybe it worth watching but to boring for me

Panthers only team not in Dade County. That's why. All other teams associated with Miami. The Panthers associated with ... uhm Sunrise?

They can keep the Heat (choke), Marlins (7.500 per game up here), and Dolphins ("Dol-fans"???? REALLY?!?!?!?)...I'm happy with the Panthers and their non wanna be LA crowd.

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