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Florida Panthers Opening Video A 'Gotcha!' To Local Beat Writers ... Panthers Apparently Freak to their (Two) Geeks

FreaksgeeksOn Saturday night, the Panthers played a highlight video that showcased some of the not-so-nice things said about the team. 

The video features the song Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts; it's also the theme to the one-year cult classic 'Freaks and Geeks.

You can watch the video here: 

There are a number of unattributed quotes; until I read this story, I didn't realize ALL of them came from either myself or Sun-Sentinel beat writer Harvey Fialkov.

Other quotes -- which were attributed -- were from hockey analysts Brian Jones, Mike Milbury and Jack 'Capt. Quebec' Edwards

I'm not upset -- by any means -- just figured everyone should know where the quotes came from and the context they were written in. 

These 'harsh words' were -- at the time they were written -- completely deserved.

The Panthers tweeted today that the video was "dedicated to the 'experts' who said the Panthers would finish last in the SE.''

Only neither I nor Harvey picked the Panthers to finish last in the Southeast. I did come close though. There were plenty of people who did, just not us.

The Hockey News, for one, had the Panthers finishing 14th in the East. ESPN's Barry Melrose had them one slot lower.

I had them fourth in the division (behind Washington, Tampa and Carolina) and 11th overall. Mr. Fialkov had the Panthers making the postseason.

Here's what I wrote (PanthersVision can take it for the next video): The Panthers, as a franchise, have gone an NHL record 10 seasons without making the playoffs. But most of these guys are new and had nothing to do with it. Still, the Panthers have questions in net and just aren't there yet. Close? Yes. Better? You bet. Worse? Impossible.

Anyway, here are the quotes from Saturday's video and the context in which they were written.

Needmorehelp-- "The Panthers need more offensive help if they want to stop their 11-year postseason drought.'' -- GR, The Miami Herald, Feb. 19. 

This came after a 2-0 loss to Anaheim. A few days later, Dale Tallon trades for forwards Jerred Smithson and Wotjek Wolski. You know, 'more offensive help.' 

Outhit-- "The Panthers have been badly outhit.'' -- HF, Sun-Sentinel, Nov. 26. 

This line was in Harvey's follow up to back-to-back losses to the rival Lightning: The Lightning outhit the Panthers 39-15 in Friday's 2-1 overtime victory and 32-19 in Saturday's 5-1 rout.

Shootblanks-- "Panthers continue to shoot blanks.'' -- HF, Sun-Sentinel, March 25. 

This came after the Panthers lost to the lowly Islanders in a shootout -- after losing to the Oilers in a shootout a few days prior. Florida would later lose to the Wild in overtime (before losing 4-1 to the Blue Jackets.)

Imposing-- The Bradley, Upshall quote -- HF, Sun-Sentinel, Nov. 27.

This is the case of a writer giving his opinion. Both missed a lot of time this season.

Toothless-- "Panthers remain atop a toothless Southeast Division.'' -- GR, Miami Herald, Feb. 20.

This is the second quote of mine from the loss to the Ducks. Not apologizing for this one.

Dontlooklike-- "Panthers don't much look like a first place, playoff-bound team.'' -- GR, Miami Herald, Feb. 20.

They loved that Ducks gamer, eh?

You might as well read the lede to it.

Brian Campbell sat in his locker stall for more than 10 minutes following Sunday's game in full uniform alternately staring into space and muttering under his breath while shaking his head. 

Campbell sure didn't look like a player on a team that remains in first place in its division, one that holds the third overall seeding in its conference. 

It can be said the Panthers don't much look like a first place, playoff-bound team either.

For the first time this season, Florida has lost three straight games in regulation after Anaheim got a first period Teemu Selanne goal and held on for a 2-0 win at BankAtlantic Center.

The Panthers, which won back-to-back games in the New York area last weekend, are 0-3 in their four-game homestand and have scored a grand total of three goals in those losses.

The Panthers, which still remain atop a toothless Southeast Division, have been outscored 10-3 in those losses. 


Jack-- So there you go. Again, the Panthers in-house group do a great job and the video is cool.

Lots of action, good tunes and yeah, some scathing quotes from those un-named doubters. 

MiljonesYet read in context, they do look a little different now, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, enjoy the playoffs.

Going to have plenty of coverage -- some of it may be negative depending on the situation -- here, at MiamiHerald.com and in your old-school editions of the Herald.

Hope you all are along for the ride.




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Atta boy, GR. You woulda thought they could have found plenty of other negative quotes from somewhere other than the only 2 beat writers the team has, but whatever, the video was cool

Oh, but they lost to the Wild 15 seconds into OT after giving up the GTG with 30 seconds left, not a shootout. I was there :(

Good response Mr. Richards. You have to understand though, Panthers fans, there's only been two people covering the Cats for the last decade.

So what's the context behind your helpful updates of Andy's stats after being traded way back when? Always wondered what the helpful reminder was for, if not to imply something.

Derp, let go rather than traded. *

Craig Anderson's stats? Don't recall that one. I don't think I ever was trying to imply anything with Anderson; he left to be a starting goalie somewhere else. With Vokoun here, that wouldn't have happened.

they should not bash there only beat writers they have.. thats what writers do voice there opinion am i correct?? and im sure GR and HF have lots of positives said in alot of the scripts to ?? but can you really blame them for having a little negative reflection on the team after following them every game in and out and losing every year?? im sure lots of fans have negative feedback but you dont see them bashing fans in the video... GR & HF think the same as the fans and they get to put it in where everyone reads.. im a fan here in toronto and if they wanted negative quotes they should of watched tsn panel season preview quotes and and prediction nothing compares to there comments let me tell yeah... good vid for sure but disagree with bashing the to beat buddies .. well said??

I see it as a polite nod...wouldn't want a sold out crowd booing Your name had they quoted you both.

No surprise the thin skinned marketing department led by Michael "I sell ad space with the team logo in the urinals" Yormark don't respect the fans or hockey why would they respect the truth from the beat writers

Speaking of lack of respect heard that Yormark was walking on the logo in the locker room

This man while he does his job making money for the owners needs to stay away from the team

He does not deserve credit for the improvement of this team he needs to continue to let Tallon do his job

Young guy with a media pack/microphone at practice today asked me "Can we ask you about your excitement towards the Panthers since they've made the playoffs", I asked him "Can I ask you a question first? Where the hell have YOU been all season?"

Hey man; the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. Winning = more fans and more media coverage. It's been a long time coming.

It was a low blow with the quotes, but it was a good video. Nice song.

Agreed; cool song, great action in the video...it's a winnah!

The media constantly takes liberties saying anything they want any time they want, and now they want to whine about being quoted? Maybe they should think twice about what they put down on paper. I get so tired of the media spinning any thing they want to meet their agenda and crying pity me, pity me all the time. Grow up. If you want to say it, then be prepared for the ramifications. The reporters should have had quotes and their names attached.

And now how many times will we have to listen to them 'get the final word' on this subject too....

Who is whining about being quoted Joe? I gave you the 'context' in which those quotes were written. This video comes off as an 'us against the world' thing, a 'no one believes in us' thing. When, if you read the stories, they played bad that night. You can't sugarcoat losses to teams like Anaheim (at home) and the like. Those were horrible losses. And I agree; you want to run the quotes, run our names. I have no problem with that. I wrote it and I stand by it. And had the Panthers not sent out a snarky tweet that caught the eye of Yahoo sports, I never would have brought this up.

George, in response to my original post, YES, I agree the "more the merrier", but DAMN SON...They follow D Wade and LeBron to the bathroom! Other than yourself and PERHAPS a guy or two, no one KNOWS SQUAT about the game to begin with. And, IF YOU ARE a sports reporting professional, isn't it your duty to understand the game, other than to say "WOW, aren't you excited"!? How about something basic such as "Do you think there will be any tension or just WHAT IS your feeling about Coach Pete going against Coach Kevin"..Just fluff to cover the fact there is NO KNOWLEDGE of the sport. Aggrivates the PISS outta me! Ok, I've vented..time to bodyslam someone...

Don't take it personally, George... They HAD to quote you and the Sentinel writer because the two of you were the ONLY ONES who ever bothered to write anything about the Panthers.

The most important bit to take away from his article is that Barry Melrose has a job based solely on the fact that he has a mullet. Also, Michael Yormark is a jerk and looks like an extra from Highlander. G.R, stay golden. I've never read anything from you that I thought was unfair.

JOe, your post makes no sense. The mdia's job is to be a check on managment, orgs, govt etc. Its what we like3 to call the lst amendment.

Neither of them whined. Neither of them should EVER think twice.

Management is lucky down here they basically fly under the radar .. letse see how they would hold up to the likes of Larry Brooks.

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