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Your Panthers Postseason Primer: Tickets, Parking and Everything Else

ScplayoffsgrabBY GEORGE RICHARDS grichards@MiamiHerald.com

The Panthers play their first postseason game in 12 years on Friday when the New Jersey Devils come to town for the opening of the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

Can't wait to go? Get in line.

Or don't. Tickets are plentiful for Friday's Game 1 – and you can buy them with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Here is some general information for Florida's opening two games of the best-of-7 series against the Devils. 

--Tickets: A quick glance of Ticketmaster.com show plenty of tickets available for both Friday and Sunday's game with tickets starting at $30.50 (that's without various 'convenience' charges) and going all the way up to $500 for a spot in the penalty box. Seriously. 

Stubhub.com listed close to 1,400 available tickets for Friday and over 1,800 for Sunday's game as of Wednesday afternoon. Prices on this secondary market start at $31. 

--Parking: The Panthers are advising people driving to the BankAtlantic Center get their early – and patrons should heed that warning. The arena is charging hockey fans for parking for the first time in years. 

And not everyone pays the same. Renewed season tickets for next year? Free for you. Only have a half season plan? That'll be $5. Mini-plan owners pay $10.

Everyone else will pay $20 for the right to park.

Getting into the lots should take longer than usual with all the change. The arena also charged $20 for parking at Tuesday's Van Halen concert.

--Start Time: The Panthers usually play at 7:30, but for television, Friday's game is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Sunday's game will start around 7:30.

--Television: Florida's opener will be broadcast on both FS Florida with Steve Goldstein and Bill Lindsay on the call, with the NHL Network also showing it. Sunday's game will not be on Fox, but will be carried live on the NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus). 

--Gear: If you are walking into the arena and forgot your rubber rat, don't worry. The Panthers team shop sells them for $5. Just don't toss them onto the ice until the game is over.

The shop also has plenty of postseason clothing and all sorts of jerseys. If you like the Devils – or old school gear – the Panthers also have a store for that near the South Florida Hockey Den of Honor.


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Charging for Parking is very wrong. This is what many of us have been waiting for, for a dozen years, and now you want to charge $20 to park? Way to engender some good will with the fans.

Question: will they charge handicapped drivers?

I agree. I think Yormark and SSE have made a serious tactical error in charging for parking. This area has patiently waited for the organization to do something for 10 years and that patience is rewarded with a parking charge? I put up with $5 bottles of water because the parking was free. I can't put up with both and expect lots of walk up fans to be scared off with this additional fee next year.

This area hasn't exactly waited patiently. If that were the case, Florida would never have had to play road games in Sunrise.

Just sayin, I agree that this sucks, but I disagree that the support has been amazing.

What do you expect? Michael Yormark cares about one thing. Any chance to take your money, he's all over it. couldn't care less about Panther fans.

Charging for Parking is ok, as long as they advertise it.

Parking wasnt really free, it was including in the cost of the ticket for however many years. You just didnt see it, because you didnt pay it as you pulled up to the Arena, but you paid it!

My yearly invoice showed a Parking Fee, since I am a long time SSO.....and many others do to!!!!

If you are a Full Season Seat Owner you get no extra charge parking for playoffs.............

They arent doing anything wrong with now charging for parking!

If you do not like it dont go, but if you are going to complain about the cost of parking then boo you!!!!!

You convinced me Steve. I won't go. Boo right back at you.

Can you bring a live rat throw?

Paying $20 for steve is probably like paying a dollar for a soda. Not all of us have money growing on a tree

No I do not have unlimited money, but complaining to hear yourselves complain is ridiculous!

Every other team charges for parking...The lots around the Rock in Newark are anywhere from 20-30 to park......

get over it and enjoy the fact they are in the playoffs!!!!

Paying for parking is part of going to a event at an Arena, Stadium, or whatever!

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