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BLACK TUESDAY IN SUNRISE: Florida Panthers Layoff Employees -- Including Mascot Stanley C. Panther


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Got an ominous text message from a former employee of the Florida Panthers on Tuesday morning.

"It's Black Tuesday,'' the text read.

The Panthers began laying people off on Tuesday, blaming the personnel moves on a lockout that is only a few days old. No one whom I spoke to would speak on the record; they hope to get their jobs back when the work stoppage is over.

The most headline-grabbing move was the Panthers laying off the man who played the role of Stanley C. Panther the past few years. As courtesy, I am not naming names on the blog.

You know things are tough when the mascot gets laid off. The Panthers also have begun letting season ticket holders know what their options are once games are cancelled. More on that later.

From the Panthers on the layoffs:

-- SUNRISE, Fla. – Sunrise Sports & Entertainment today released the following statement from President & COO Michael R. Yormark:

“Due primarily to the NHL work stoppage, but also due to changes and efficiencies in our normal business operations, SSE and the Florida Panthers instituted a number of staff adjustments today including staff reductions.

"We thank all of those former staff members for their efforts, while SSE’s human resources department has volunteered to work with these former staff members to assist them in finding new employment.

"Out of respect for both the former and current staff members, we will have no further comment at this time.”

BLACK TUESDAY IN SUNRISE: Florida Panthers Layoff Employees -- Including Mascot Stanley C. Panther


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sucks everythin is commin apart

hmmmm...now to find some KHL live feeds. I love the Panthers but people like Yormark are the reason I am no longer a season ticket holder.

When you layoff your mascot you are really sucking wind ...

So who is going to play him for all of the corporate functions they have him booked for free to appear at?

This organization is a joke...........

That's Michael Yormark for you!

Biggest Douchebag in SFLA!

this is a business like most other organizations . very few are hobbies for their owners so in business you must reduce your staff if you have no income

pretty pathetic that mere hours after the Owner goes online and says how they are going to continue their efforts in the community, they lay off the guy who is the face of their "community relations". I guess they feel they can stick anyone they want into the costume and get away with it. But when "Stanley" shows up to his next public appearance and get's Booed, I hope the person inside understands why....And yes my kid already knows that it wont be the "real Stanley" and is prepared to tell him so.....

I don't get how layoffs have started already when no games have even been cancelled yet..I know I won't be at the preseason double header come monday but the season doesn't start to the 13th. Letting the mascot go after releasing a new marketing campaign is pathetic. Is yormark going to dress as stanley now? Oh wait he is too busy shopping at party city, eating at the outback and going for frozen yogurt. The whole NHL is laughing at us...twitter, espn, agents of players. This lockout is a joke...can't decide how to split up 3.3 billion dollars.

Exactly how many former "Stanley's" are there? I remember one wanted a raise..Say good night....

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