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IT'S FINALLY OVER: NHL, NHLPA Reach Deal, Lockout Ends

The NHL and its player association reached a deal on what is being reported as a 10-year deal on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement effectively ending a lockout that started on Sept. 16.

The deal was brokered after an all-night marathon bargaining session in New York; word came out that the lockout was over around 5 a.m.

A 48 or 50 game season should be announced sometime Sunday.

A start time for a seven or eight day training camp should also be announced.

I was told at Pompano Panthers practice on Friday that they expected to start in Coral Springs on Saturday.

Once the lockout is lifted, players will be allowed back into the complex. I would expect that our Friday practice was the last at Glacier and that players will be back in Coral Springs tomorrow morning -- trading in their NHLPA jerseys for Florida Panthers ones.

I will be tweeting on this and BCS national championship game stuff all morning and afternoon.

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See you in Sunrise.


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Only 4 month late! Glad to have hockey back and i'll be watching every game on TV but they won't see a penny from me directly this year. This lockout was butchered by everyone involved so badly it was embarassing.

The big question is--will Panthers fans show up? They should have gotten an attendance boost from last year, but instead attendance is probably going to drop.

Hope they realize the damage they have done. This news is a, "oh by the way" news article. The NHL at this point in time is irrelevant and pretty much dead in the water.

Too bad. I hate when the Hockey finals interrupt regular TV shows. I was hoping they would put the NHL out of business.

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