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ALEX KOVALEV: Future Remains Up in Air ... Time with Florida Panthers is Over

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Although Alex Kovalev remains on the Panthers active roster and is technically listed as a scratch each night, he's no longer with the team and continues to look at other options.

If Kovalev were to find a team who wanted him, the Panthers would accommodate him.

Florida expects the situation to be cleared up this week with Kovalev -- who spent parts of five seasons with the Canadiens -- possibly announcing his retirement.

Kovalev is the eighth active 40-year-old player in the NHL -- although he hasn't played in a game since turning 40 on Feb. 24. He is also the last remaining active player from the Rangers' 1994 Stanley Cup championship team.

Because the Panthers management has so much respect for Kovalev, waivers isn't an option just yet.

The Panthers hope this situation comes to a tidy conclusion without any ugliness.

I was told the Panthers were very happy with Kovalev's professionalism in his short stint with Florida.

PHOTO: JOE RIMKUS JR./Miami Herald Staff

ALEX KOVALEV: Future Remains Up in Air ... Time with Florida Panthers is Over


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Another great move by the panthers signing this old plug so they could save money on payroll.I guess the blueprint is going to be the same old habit of signing aging over the hill veterans at a discount to save salary and fill the roster and subject the 2500 season ticket holders to their substandard play.Not extending a good offer to Garrison was the tell.Yormark isnt kidding anyone anymore with his smoke and mirror marketing.So long Panthers!

Seems to me the Panthers were smart in not overpaying for Garrison, as good as he was here, he only has four points this year in 23 games, 1 goal and 3 assists. I'll take my chances that Dale Tallon knows what he's doing.

I agree with Tony. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I'll take a top 5 pick this year...

Wasnt happening anyway, Garrison is playing for his hometown team, Florida had no real chance to retain him. The offer Tallon made was more than fair and the proof is in the fact that Garrison has 4 points with the Canucks. Garrisons goals were as much a matter of Campbell feeding him the puck on the PP than anything else.

So? To me it was a hell of Power Play combo!!! And it doesn't matter what he's doing for the Canucks? What he did here was substantial and to pay and aging Kuba $4 mil when we could have a player that fit in REAL good with our team seems short sighted at the least. We have NO power play, we are not competitive. You're hoping for a high first rounder that may or not pan out, I bet the safe bet and take Garrison who could play for years to come and be productive with our team. Our history with first rounders is menza menza, I would go with the safe bet and move along slowly.

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