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NO SIGN, NO KNIGHT: Panthers Trade Prospect Corban Knight to Calgary

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Unable to sign him and unwilling to let him walk away as a free agent, the Panthers traded prospect Corban Knight to Calgary on Tuesday for a fourth round pick in the June 30 draft.

Knight, a fifth round pick in 2009, was quoted in Sunday's Edmonton Journal that he and his agent had spoken to the Panthers but "it turned out it wasn’t going to work out for both parties.''

Knight said he told the Panthers he wasn't going to sign by the August deadline, so Florida dealt him to his hometown Flames.

"When Florida did not sign Corban this spring we contacted them and asked for permission to speak with him,'' Calgary general manager Jay Feaster said in a statement.

"Florida granted teams, including ours, that opportunity on the condition that we were prepared to trade for his rights. During the past ten days we spoke with Corban and his agent, and were pleased to learn Corban wanted to start his pro career in Calgary.''

Knight, 22, scored 16 goals in each of his junior and senior seasons at North Dakota. As he completed four college years, Knight would be a free agent following his senior year -- something the Panthers avoided with blue-chip prospect Nick Bjugstad.

Florida signed Bjugstad and allowed him to play at the NHL level for the final weeks of the 2013 season instead of possibly losing him in 2014.

Knight signed a two-year deal with the Flames not long after the trade was announced.

Photo courtesy University of North Dakota

NO SIGN, NO KNIGHT: Panthers Trade Prospect Corban Knight to Calgary


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Rumor has it, the Avs will pass on Seth Jones. It looks like the Cats will get him.

Shipping Knight off works for me...1 less Fighting Sewage I have to pretend to like, having gone to the University of MN...

Avs will take Jones, too big of a NEED and a stroyline there.

IF Jones is not taken, what does everyone think? Drouin, Barkov or Jones?

We'll take Jones. Best D prospect since Pronger.

I think the Bolts are taking Drouin regardless, but trading down to #4 with the Preds wouldn't do that much, unless we'd get Filp Foresburg in the deal...

I don't think we need "additional" prospects. We have the #1 prospect pipeline in the NHL right now (by most accounts), and we won't be able to sign ALL of them when they become due 2-4 years from now. So I say we stay at #2 and grab Jones if the Avs take MacKinnon. But I still think they'll take Seth Jones and we grab MacKinnon.

I for one hope we don't pick Jones. We don't need more defense, we need more offense (which by the way, is included in good defense as forwards are just as important in defense). Mackinnon is by far the best prospect and Jones is highly overrated. If you look at how both has performed this year it is pretty obvious. If Colorado does not pick Jones it is a testament to this as they need defense more than us. If they pass so should we and pick either Druin, Nushishkin or Barkov.
It takes years to develop defensemen and we have good d-men in the system and we have Gudbranson who is developing and we have high hopes for. What we need is veteran d-leadership to show this group how to play defense. You don't need Pronger to win the SC, you need a well balanced team and the Panthers need to improve scoring badly to be a balanced team, this has been a problem for over a decade. Look at Chicago.

I agree Peps, but a stud prospect is a stud prospect. And it's not as if we don't need D help either. Not gonna look it up, but I know we ranked near at or near the bottom in both Goals Scored and Goals Allowed.

Only way I don't see them taking Jones is if they trade down with the Canes at #5, pick up a talented prospect, and draft Nushiskin or Barkov (I'm assuming Barkov goes at #4.

We'll see, I'll be at the draft party to witness it!!! Exciting times either way.

This, from the last post (I'm a little slow to catch up on Panthers news):

As a Portland, OR resident, I've been to quite a few Winterhawks games and Seth Jones' presence on the ice was felt every time, not only as an offensive weapon, but as a giant at being in position. He was heads above the competition, both physically and talent wise all season long.

Then I watched all of the games of the Memorial Cup with the Winterhawks. They got beat only twice and both times were against MacKinnon, once in the round-robin and once in the Finals. And holy crap, that kid just lit us up! Like nobody else! All season! Unbelievable, in fact. And Seth Jones rocked it against everyone else in the tourney and had great games, especially being paired against the top lines and always having a player on him.

I cried a little for the local boys, and for my boy who was REALLY pulling for the Winterhawks and fell one game short. But deep inside I knew I was watching a future Panther...I just didn't know which one!

Anyway, draft day should be fun, eh? Perhaps, like the Dolphins, the Panthers could be the off-season champs and land Lecav, too! Boo-yah!

Go Panthers!

And as for the trade...we basically traded a 5th round pick in 09 for a 4th rounder in 13. Tallon wins again!

It is interesting that Joe Sacic goes public saying "they would pick MacKinnon if the draft was today".
I am pretty sure Joe is fishing for huge deal from Florida knowing they want MacKinnon and in reality Colorado really need Jones. Sacic got nothing to lose but everything to gain by switching with Tallon.
I am sure Tallon will not fall for it as he has been around the block before.
Despite everything pointing towards the Avs picking MacKinnon I am willing to bet that they will pick Jones as number one.

I read yesterday the Avs were asking for Gudbrandson and #2 for #1, just stupid. If the Avs want MacKinnon, take him and we'll take Jones. Both will be stars in this league for a very long time.

I'll take either and be happy with it.

Agreed Lama...why not sign Vinny to a 1 year, $4 mil deal and let him re-sign with Tampa next year??? Dude's so involved with the Tampa community, it'll allow him to stay involved before resigning there next year.

It'd be an upgrade over Weiss and give Bjugstad / Shore another year to mature.

Gudbrandson and our pick? That is hilarious.....

Seriously, Sakic and Roy have lost their minds even before the Avs have played a game...

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