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ANOTHER YOUTH MOVEMENT: Dale Tallon Says Florida Panthers "Going Young"

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A few minutes after Stephen Weiss talked about centering a line in Detroit that features Stanley Cup champs Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk, his former general manager said the Florida Panthers were going the opposite direction of veteran-led teams like the Red Wings.

"We're going to go young. Going to go with our young guys,'' Dale Tallon said after Weiss left the Panthers after more than a decade and signed a five-year deal worth almost $25 million in Detroit.

"That's been the plan all along and that's the way we're going to go.''

The Panthers are headed to a new division this season, one that includes Weiss' Red Wings as well as the defending east champion Bruins, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo, Toronto and Tampa Bay.

Florida goes into that big-money division handcuffed by an internal budget which will keep it closer to the salary cap floor which is around $44 million.

By signing Shawn Matthias on Friday and adding forward Joey Crabb, the Panthers current salary cap hit is about $47 million. The Panthers also shed close to a $1 million by sending enforcer George Parros to Montreal for a minor leaguer and a seventh round draft pick.

The big news around the Panthers, however, was the loss of Weiss and the lack of any free agent action. Tallon reiterated what he said on Tuesday that the Panthers would sign some free agents as the summer rolls on.

"It just didn't work. We couldn't get it done,'' Tallon said of the Weiss negotiations. "It didn't fit in. You know, it's not very often you get into this position to be an unrestricted free agent. I don't blame Stephen one bit. I'm happy for him. He's deserving of it. We have to move on."

For Weiss, leaving the only franchise he has ever known was a bit bittersweet. The Red Wings are a team built to compete for championships and were a win away from knocking off the eventual Stanley Cup champs out in the west semifinals.

Not only did the Red Wings find their second-line center in Weiss on Friday, but they also snapped up Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson.

"Coming from Florida, only being in the playoffs one time, it was pretty easy decision to come and play for the Red Wings," Weiss said on a conference call with Alfredsson.

"It’s been a culture of winning over the years. Their goal every year is to win a Stanley Cup and to come to a team and be a part of that is really exciting. I’m thrilled to be given this opportunity to come to this team.”

The Panthers made some minor depth moves and replaced Parros on the fourth line by giving winger Joey Crabb a two-year deal. Florida also signed Matthias, a restricted free agent, a two-year deal worth $1.8 million per season.

"Everyone knows that Stephen and I are pretty close,'' Matthias said of Weiss. "He's a special guy who was here a long time and really cared about the Panthers. I'm sure this is a tough day for him.''

ANOTHER YOUTH MOVEMENT: Dale Tallon Says Florida Panthers "Going Young"


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Sad to see Weiss go but you can't blame him one bit for not wanting to stick around for ANOTHER rebuild. Best of luck to him in Detroit and I really hope he gets to hoist the Cup there while we continue to compete for the # overall pick. Heh, funny that we can't even seem to win that either. :-(

Oh well ....
Is the strategy for next season to finish at the bottom of the standings again to have another shot at the first or second draft pick?
If only I could see that famous 'blue print' again, remember that?

Can't blame Weiss one bit. Great player wish him luck when Panthers don't play Wings... Parros was a bust totally out of shape, slow and not worth his contract... Problem is going young means like Oilers and that means lottery pick...If Sean Bergenheim is healthy and we keep Fleischmann, Kopecky and Shawn Matthias continues his solid play, Panthers might and I stress might surprise.

Good luck Stevie. You are a class act. We will miss you.

All I pledge to not ever buy another Panthers jersey again. Not because of my loss of love for our team but the jersey curse that I have against our players. All three numbered jerseys I own, the player was gone within 2 seasons of its purchase. Jokinen in old panthers blue in 2006 gone in 2008, Vokoun in 2009 gone in 2011 and now Weiss in new panthers red in 2011 gone in 2013.

So I will join the folks that wear old players because I can't put this curse on Huberdeau or Markstrom as we know what would happen. And we need both of them for a long time.

Unless everyone has someone they really want off of the team that is decently noteworthy. Of course I am willing to take an actual players donation too!!!

Gee wasn't it only a few years ago when DALE came to the Panthers as the guy who put together the Black Hawks till he made a big goof with paper work and badly overspent for players---Now he is here and badly overpaid for Campbell, Jovoflop, Upshall, Fleishmann, Kopecky, etc....Now after season ticket holders have paid for next year--he states that we're going with the kids----Interpretation: Management thinks we are no better off now than we were 3 years ago. Stop spending, if we're going to lose we might as well not lose so much money. After another lousy season maybe those DALE lovers will be glad to see him and Kevin go---but in reality we need an owner who is willing to take the loss for a few years till we get better. I still think DALE screwed up on draft day and screwed up again today.

Viner, Please sell the team and put us out of our misery. No one wants to see a loser. Your pockets aren't deep enough, and your fan base is disintegrating. Your circus marketing tactics are not working any more and people will not pay their hard earn money to see a chronic loser.

Alas, we're returning to the Alan Cohen days of being frugal. Great...this ought to be fun. I'm not sure Dale Tallon's "blueprint" will work within the constraints of such a low payroll system. Then again, I'm not sure Tallon's blueprint will actually work period (although I was super impressed to make the playoffs in Year 2).

Losing Weiss to free agency is understandable, but Tallon probably could've gotten something in return from Detroit via trade (if the rules allow trading players on IR).

I hope we don't waste roster spots on Joey Crabb, Bobby Butler, Mike Mottau, Jesse Wichester, and Felippe Lefebvre.

I suspect Tallon wants Sasha Barkov and Vincent Trochek to play with the club next year, and I'm cool with that...but I still think we need to spend $5M - $8M more to acquire another NHL-ready goalie, offenseman, and defenseman. I'm talking people better than say a Mueller or a Tyson Strachan.

Weird how TJ Brennan was traded from Nashville to Toronto.

Tallon is biting his tongue.He will leave 1st chance he gets as the ownership is not serious about hockey.All smoke and mirrors and after next year I say bye bye to this scam.

EJ - don't think it was trade, Nashville didn't qualify him and he became UFA, probably because they drafted Jones. He is a good player, should do well in TO.

As suspected we are moving to the end of the 5 year blueprint the money would disappear

Read between Weiss' words he joined an organization that wants to win a Stanley Cup

The owners are betting on the expansion of gambling and hockey is just something to fill dates for the arena so the management company makes money

I am not concerned about the lack of signings only concerned about the confirmation of becoming the Marlins

Denis Potvin was highly critical of the panthers rushing their young players so the questions are was Tallon forced by management to bypass Jones (look at the faces of Tallon and Torrey and they look like they were forced to make this pick as Jones is going to be a star)

How long before Tallon leaves because he does not have the financial means to build a cup winner

Smoke and mirrors returns to Sunrise

I had lunch with Weiss a couple of times in the past 2 years at Panther luncheons and he sounded like he really enjoyed living here, and that he enjoyed playing on the team. Very nice guy. I'm a small business owner, and I'm not going to pay my employees more than my cash flow, period. That would be stupid. That's why the Panthers hold promotions, that's my they need the arena filled. I have been a season ticket holder for 10 years, but I not renewing. Not because the team is bad, they always put on a good effort, and they are fun to watch. When my son can't go to games I take friend and they alway leave the BAC (I know that's not the name now) telling me how much they enjoy the game. The reason I'm not renewing is because my pic prices increased 50%. Could I afford the new pic price, sure. But I think a 50% increase is crazy. So I'm not buying. Part of the reason prices increased is Club Red taking up a large section of the arena. But that's a business decision made by the Panthers. Do I like the decision no, it's a business decision and I'm not crying about it. BTW Fleishmann, Kopecky are definitely now overpaid.

Season ticket holder since day, so you have inside information about Jones huh, why then did he slide to 4. Because offense wins games now. Unbelieveable you people with inside information idiots.

Alan Cohen days of being frugal? He was basically in the top third of the leagues payroll for the last few years he was here and had offer out to Bo that would have took them over the cap. His players werent the best, but at least he paid up.

Seth: Alan Cohen was majority owner from 2001 to 2009. I don't have the stats in front of me (nor do I care to look it up), but team payroll under Cohen was consistently in the bottom third of the league, starting when the Cats traded Pavel Bure to the NY Rangers. Those were some miserable years.

Cliff Viner has been majority partner since 2009, and yes, team payroll has been up in recent years.

Look- I have no problem with being smart about payroll. Detroit gave Weiss $4.9M per year for 5 years, which I think is too much. I was merely complaining that Tallon should've tried to trade Weiss to Detroit for a draft pick or something, and not let him walk away for nothing. If you're a GM and you know that at least one team is interested in your UFA, and you know your UFA has rejected your offer, you immediately try to strike a deal with the interested team prior to the start of free agency. This is part of the GM job description.

What I don't want to have happen here under a Cohenesque payroll is the hockey version of the Miami Marlins. If you start to see higher priced players like Campbell, Flash, and Versteeg being traded away for draft picks and lesser names, then you know something is up.

I agree with jmike. Panthers didn't take Jones because he was not in the top 2 on their list. Lightning didn't take jones because he was not in the top 3 on their list. Joe Sakic told the media that there are three forwards that are too good to pass up. When you have a chance at an elite forward you draft him. No conspiracy by management to bypass Jones, they bypassed him to draft an elite forward. As a Panthers fan I am glad they did I am still mad at Panthers for taking Boumeester when they could have taken Rick Nash. Finally Panthers have a GM that knows what he is doing, a bad injury plagued year can't be blamed on him. I am glad he didn't overpay for some of the UFA, we still have Upshall and just dumped Parros and Kuba, those UFA signings were Tallon's mistakes and many of the UFA signed this year throughout the league will be mistakes. Give Tallon time, there are some reasonable UFAs available and trades to be made.

Weiss is not worth 5 mill a year and Tallon knows it. I am sure he gave him a reasonable number which he turned down. Time to move on.... I agree he was a standup guy and a roll model but if his demands are above his on ice performance you have let him go...

Hard to see how the Panthers are getting better. Dale is a smart hockey man but with no budget what can he do? The recent draft pick was a shock to everyone in hockey. What does Dale know about Seth Jones that no body else knew? The free agent situation is a disaster but budget driven. I can't blame dale for that one. Hard to build a fan base with the team they will put on the ice in 2013-14. The good news? All those hockey mad fans in Toronto, and Montreal can fill our stadium when the Leaf's and Canadian's come to Sunrise Florida.

the issue here is not signing Weiss or not, the issue is not keeping what you have like Mueller and turn around and sign cheap ass players like butler, crabb and Winchester. When you dump Kuba and basically pocket his salary saving it's an issue. the biggest problem here and what nobody seems to see is that we have over 11mil tied up in two old ass d-men in Campbell and Jovo. Jovo can't move and Campbell is the biggest liability on defense

Sell the team to Arison

two more worthless players sign today, JOKE

uh oh... I called it! SAME OLD PANTHERS! Management disorganized and only willing to spend to the minimum cap. What I am still trying to understand.. You have two players who played only a few games last season and were hurt the previous. Why haven't they been bought out yet? Upshall and Jovo? Why are they still here if we are " going young". Their bodies are the equivalent of 70 year old men, can they even walk across a block without limping? Waive them or buy them out. Please use the rest of the money on kids that you need to resign to long term deals....Not sure why that is so hard for GM Tallon and Santos to do... Are they being blackmailed by them? Do they have their only stash of Cuban cigars or something? Why are Jovo and Upshall still here...

The circus continues in Sunrise! SELL the Marlins and the Panthers to owners who want to win sometime this century and pay the taxpayers sometime..anytime... back. We all know that the casino is not going to happen in Sunrise as Hard Rock has too many lobbyists in FLA! So sell already!

Tallon is handcuffed. You can listen to the frustration
in his voice. New money needs to be infused into the organization. It's obvious that the current financial situation is weak. You need to fill the seats. The only way is to have a good product. What's the old saying " it takes money to make money " !

EJ, why would Detroit trade for Weiss? He wasn't playing for the rest of the season because of the wrist. Detroit would have no special negotiating rights with him becoming a UFA. Detroit would be paying what was left of Weiss's salary for nothing and lose a player and pick for nothing. If he were a rent a player for a playoff run that's one thing but being injured, it would make no sense at all.

Not that it matters, but just to put facts to my point. In Cohens last year the team payroll was 54.8 million, 2.5 million short of the cap, with an offer out to Bouwmeester for 6+ per season. Thats the facts.

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