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HELLO, SCOTT GOMEZ: Panthers Sign Veteran Center to Inexpensive Contract

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The Panthers slow offseason picked up a touch on Wednesday as the team signed veteran center Scott Gomez to a one-year deal worth $900,000.

A two-time Stanley Cup champ with New Jersey, Gomez is expected to be a bottom-six forward for the Panthers as his offensive production has slowed over the past three seasons.

Gomez scored a career-high 33 goals with 84 points with the Devils in 2005-06, yet never scored 20 goals in any other season during his career. Gomez averaged 16 goals and 47 assists in his first 10 NHL seasons with the Devils, Rangers and Canadiens.

In his past three seasons, however, Gomez has averaged just four goals and 16 assists.

Last season, Montreal bought out the final two years of the seven-year, $51.5 million deal Gomez signed with the Rangers in 2007.

Gomez scored two goals with San Jose in 39 games in last year's lockout-shortened season. Gomez has eight goals with 27 assists in 43 games against the Panthers over his 13-year NHL career.

The Panthers will hold rookie camp starting Sept. 4 with training camp opening a week later.

HELLO, SCOTT GOMEZ: Panthers Sign Veteran Center to Inexpensive Contract


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great, another crabb/butler. between the 3 that's about 2mil we could have used to try and sigh Mueller, who by the way is 25 yrs old nor 33 like gomez. And please don't tell me it's a good signing for our young guys, that's BS. He's another kovolev

It is a depth signing. With Matthias, Barkov, Goc, Shore and Gomez someone will be the odd man out.

hank - Good chance that Vincent Trocheck takes Mueller's spot. Top two right wings Kris Versteeg & Scottie Upshall. Kopecky filling in if Versteeg is not ready to start season. Possibly Trocheck on the third line and Crabb on the fourth line. Not thrilled about Upshall but he may be good to have the right side of a Huberdeau/Barkov line. He would drop the gloves if someone tries to mess with them

I'm with Hank on this one. Just another Kovalev running joke.

Gomez is a leader (unlike Kovalev), a multiple cup winner (unlike Kovalev), and a hard worker (unlike Kovalev). His reputation - Montreal notwithstanding - is he has a coach's mentality who will have a career behing the bench when his one on the ice is over. He will be of great benefit to the young guys.

I rather would have resigned Mueller or get one of the your FA. He has no future. He won't last the season like Kovalev. KHL is his next destination.

Bunner and/or Grabovski are still out there to be had, and while I know that the longer they're on the market, the lower their respective asking prices will go, I still think Tallon's hands are tied as to what he can do, no matter what he may say publicly.

This team is at the cap floor, and that's where they'll remain until some of the UFA signings Tallon made 3 years ago(Bergy, Jovo, Goc, Upshall, Versteeg, Flash, etc.) start to come off the books, just the way it is.

The team has got to start to find out whether or not some of these kids are the answer or not. They need to determine, first and foremost(IMO) if Markstrom is "The Guy" in net...You build front The Net out.

I don't understand why there was little or no interest in resigning Mueller. I thought he played very well and still has some upside. He seemed to mesh pretty well with Huberdeau. As a whole I am happy with Tallon, but this one doesn't make sense to me

It is a bit of a head-scratcher, isn't it.

Could be that he's not preceived to be completely over the concussion "problems", or maybe, from the film being seen, or the word of mouth from personel heads, he's just no longer seen as 1st or 2nd scoring line material anymore.

If he's not a 1st or 2nd line player, then there isn't much of a place for him in The NHL, IMO, because he certainly isn't a "bottom six" kinda player.

He'll probebly get an invite to a camp(see Kovalev) sometime soon. I hope he makes the best of it.

I didn't expect Grabovski. Tallon doesn't have the money from Viner.

Mueller was contracted at 2.5 million last season. He was an RFA. Panthers did not want to qualify him and be bound by an arbitrators ruling (if Mueller went to arbitration [they could walk away from a longer term but would be bound for one year]) at somewhere above 2.5 million. Basically, Florida didn't want to pay him 2.5 million or more. And, he would have taken Florida to arbitration if qualified. So, they didn't qualify which allowed him to become a UFA.

Viners wallet is closed folks. This is where Tallons overpaying for free agents in order to get to the cap floor, a couple years ago, hurts. But there wasn't much he could do. Tallon had to get to the cap floor and it wasn't as if he could dictate all terms on what were mostly decent players who were otherwise willing to come to the Panthers to play while having some other options. Didn't turn out too bad, atleast they made the playoffs and gave NJ a run and a few of those guys can play ... if they can stay healthy.

It's gonna be up to the kids and the vets (many of which were injured last season) to see where Florida ends up. If Tallon's picks pan out it should start to show this season and the team should start to be competitive in 2014-2015. Viner will have to open the wallet up a couple seasons from this upcoming one in order to add a couple veteran pieces. If the picks don't pan out, it's just gonna stay ugly ...

This is $900K....not a $4,000,000 one. I think it's a good move--cup experience and a veteran's presence.

Mueller isn't signed anywhere yet. While I agree he did fairly well for us last year, there appears to be no hurry from anyone else either to get him signed up.

What Gomez does add is an experienced face off guy and good on the penalty kill. It'll help the young guys with not having to be on the penalty kill and learning some face off technique. Help with teaching how to be a professional

Oh,it's Crabb, Butler, Gomez and now PINIZZOTTO

No new panthers news in a long time.

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