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STEPHEN WEISS: Leaves Florida Panthers for Five Year Deal in Detroit

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The Panthers watched teams with money to spend snap up some of the top free agents once the market opened at noontime Friday.

As expected, even one of their own moved on.

Stephen Weiss, the franchise leader in games played, signed a five-year deal worth close to $5 million per season with the Detroit Red Wings.

Weiss' signing will be secondary news in Detroit as the team also lifted Sens' captain Daniel Alfredsson.

Panthers general manager Dale Tallon said as late as Tuesday that the team was working to keep Weiss in South Florida.

It is unknown how far apart the two sides were, although since Weiss made $4.1 million in real money last year (well, he didn't because of the lockout), a 10 percent raise would have brought him to $4.5 million per season at least.

It's not known to me right now how much the Panthers offered -- and if they made a legitimate offer at all.

The Panthers did make a couple of minor moves, bringing in two players who have some NHL experience and both spent time in the AHL last year.

Defenseman Mike Mottau, 35, has played in 313 NHL games dating to 2000; he spent last season with San Antonio and the Toronto Marlies of the AHL.

Winger Joey Crabb, 30, has played in 170 NHL games dating to 2008. He recorded NHL career bests in goals (11), assists (15) and points (26) in 67 games played with Toronto during the 2011-12 season. He spent last year with Washington and Hershey.

STEPHEN WEISS: Leaves Florida Panthers for Five Year Deal in Detroit


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If ownership can not afford to go past bottom of cap, with new scoreboard paid by county, and with realignment making it that much tougher, then time for them to sell to someone who will. Season ticket holders have been lied to too many times by this group and previous groups about a commitment to winning.

Agreed Andrew. I have always defended Panthers signing. I even believed in the Peltonen and Murphy moves. This is a really sad day for Panther fans....the few that we are left. Weiss is gone, and we sign garbage like Crabb and Motteau......WTF!!!!! This is beyond pathetic. I understand we have a very talented crop of young rookies coming up bu they will need some support. I was hoping for a Penner, Grabovski, Clarkson......No we get Crab......Which wih our talent will probably be on the 1st line. Man I hope there's a trade in the works.....Oh and we don;t have a goalie yet either....

Tallon should have traded Weiss' rights to Detroit prior to today's deadline, in order to get at least a future draft pick or something. The media knew all week long that Toronto and Detroit were interested in Weiss. I realize that Weiss had a NTC, but once Tallon realized that Weiss wasn't coming back, he should have tried to trade him. At least Randy Sexton was able to get Jordan Leopold for JayBo. We got absolutely nothing for a guy who will earn a little less than $5M per year for the next 5 years. Way to go Dale!

I think the Matthias resigning was fair.

Sad to see Parros go.

Very underwhelmed with today's acquisitions.

This franchise led by Yorky is just a bunch of hot air.This year is my last as I had given them a nonrefundable deposit.Sign garbage players and let a guy like Weiss go and now Mueller.Never get fooled again by this phony bunch

Tallon could not trade Weiss' rights because he was injured prior to the deadline...but that probably would have happened if Weiss hadn't of been hurt.

It's nice knowing that the Panthers paid for Weiss surgery and rehab so he could go to another team.

If only we could get Micky Arison($$) interested in Hockey ...
Does the famous blue print say the Panthers will win multiple championships while hitting the salary cap floor? That would be a first

We got Mickey Mouse

going young means going cheap

Finally got rid of that bum. I disagree with all of you weiss lovers. However, I do agree that the Cats will suck again this year.

I agree

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