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As you can see by the photo below, the Panthers new scoreboard is taking shape.

The frame is complete and the LED wraps on the top and bottom of the scoreboard are being put in place.

Word is the scoreboard should be structurally complete come Sunday with ice being put down in the arena by next week.

The Panthers will hold their rookie camp and start of training camp in Coral Springs with the first scheduled event in the Sunrise arena not scheduled until Sept. 16.

So while there is still work to be done, there is still time for it to be done.

Welcome back Panther fans....



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we don't need a scoreboard, we need a goal scorer

Good to be back..........

Might as well just keep a zero on the Panthers side of the goal ticker lol. Going to be another long season with the same mistakes, the same losing culture and mentality.

Can't wait.

I, for one, feel rather optimistic. Hubie will suffer from increased attention, but I think there will be two legitimate scoring lines now as opposed to one scoring line and a guy on the second line that can score (like last year).

Hey George....it's Scott from Plantation...been awhile. Well I went to the practice this morning and I was encouraged by some of the prospects I saw. Barkov is the REAL DEAL. Man that guy can shoot. He looks like a veteran out there already. And he's big too. Quinton Howden looked great along with Trocheck, Megan and McFarland. McFarland still has to prove it to me in game situations as he's looked good in camp before. Goalies looked shakey....but it was great to see the guys on the ice.

Good update Scott, Barkov didn't play though right? He was just skating on his own?? I hope it works with him...I thought they should have taken Seth Jones for one.

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