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IS IT ON YOU?: Upshall Squirts Gudas, Fun Ensues

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Tampa Bay's Radko Gudas was kicked out of Sunday's game after he hit the ice in front of the Florida bench and then smashed his stick up against the bench area nearly striking both Nick Bjugstad and Scottie Upshall.

Upshall was the obvious target.

Why was Gudas so mad?

Because Upshall squirted him with Gatorade -- blue, Upshall confirmed -- while Gudas was down on the ice.

"He overreacted a bit,'' said Upshall, who was hit with a bench penalty for the dousing. "He's a guy who plays a bit on the edge. He plays hard and he was fired up, took a run at our guy by the bench and fell. I think he was embarrassed he fell. You would think it was the end of the world. He was freaked out."

Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper said he felt that not only was Gudas' punishment too steep, but Upshall's wasn't enough.

Panthers' coach Kevin Dineen didn't agree with that assessment.

"I was concerned for our players. When you chop your stick like that, it can be very dangerous,'' Dineen said. "The stick is a very dangerous weapon. .-.-. [Gudas] was understandably upset, but that's certainly the wrong response by that young man.''



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Mr. Upshall needs to concentrate on playing the game he is not doing a good job right now.

It is becoming clear that this is going to be a long season that soon it will be time to bring up more of the "future of this team" and see if they can compete.

We have way too many defensive breakdowns and we are losing the one on one battles, when you dump and chase it doesn't do you any good when you dump and don't chase hard enough to get a good forecheck going.

This team does not know how to win and what it takes to win and this incident is a perfect example of that; you don't squirt an opponent it is classless, and even worse you do it while your team doesn't win games.

We are on the verge of getting ready for another lottery pick. Play hockey, work hard and play with class.

That might have been the best thing Upshall has done since he became a Panther. LOL. The Panthers defense is weak. If Weaver is one of your best defensemen then you have a problem. Can't blame Markstrom with the guys he has in front of him. Bjugstad has been a surprise, he has been much better than I expected, thought he would start with Rampage but he has been good.

Way to class it up Scotty! Stay classy my friend!

Gudas is a scumbag. Just a matter of time before he takes another cheapshot at some player and really does some damage. Good on Upshall for rubbing it in with a little water.

The Panthers aren't that bad defensively although I agree on Weaver. He'll make a critical play with a blocked shot, hit or with the stick on one shift and suck eggs on the next. I think he stays around because he gives everything including his body.

Florida is a decent team that cannot put the puck in the net enough to win. If this team could score they would be at least .500 and probably a game, maybe two, up. As it stands, if they don't find some offense and have climbed their way back to .500 by the 25 game mark, their season is over as soon as soon as the regular season ends. It's not going to realistically happen. Regardless, an objective look at the Panthers season and play so far highlights the lack of scoring as THE reason why Florida sits near the cellar. They turned in a couple of real stinkers but aside from that they have been highly competitive ... except on the scoreboard, the only thing that really matters.

I've said it before ... Weiss made his line with Fleishmann and Versteeg work. Dinnen found no real chemistry with V and F aside from that combination with Weiss. Losing Weiss hurt. It is NOT Tallons fault. I doubt that I would have paid Weiss the near 5 million he wanted, and Viner wasn't spending that money anyway. But the loss of Weiss still hurts nonetheless. Much more important (and better) player than most in S. Florida ever gave him credit for ... and that stands, despite how well he plays or doesn't play in Detroit.

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