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CHANUKAH CELEBRATION IN SUNRISE: Panthers to Host Opening Night Party on Wednesday

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The Panthers will celebrate the beginning of Chanukah at Wednesday's game with the team's annual 'Chanukah on Ice Celebration.'

The highlight of the night will be the lighting of a giant menorah on the ice during the first intermission.

Cantor Yossi Lebovics is scheduled to sing the national anthem and the Maccabeats will perform during the first intermission and during a postgame concert.

The celebration of the first night of Chanukah will also include Glatt Kosher Food available for purchase as well as chocolate gelt handed out to all children attending the game.



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1.7% of the US population. .01% of the global population. No disproportionate influence, eh?

S Ross. You nailed it!
I bear no malice toward any religion or non religion but think this is inappropriate as a singular religious event during a paid professional sporting event. In case you are not aware, there are many religions attending these games including Judaism, Islam, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Shintoist, Sikhism just to name a few.

Why are we openly celebrating only one relativly minor religion at a paid public arena?

All religions or none at a public event like this.

At least its not ramadan

could not agree more. this should be an all or nothing type of thing. quite frankly, I am sure some Satanists would appreciate a burn the cross day. as an atheist myself, keep these fables out of our sports. they do not belong together.

this reeks or yormarkian proportions.

The Panthers decision to host this event may have more to do with the per capita Jewish population in South Florida which is higher the the overall rates in both the U.S. and the world. As well keep in mind the amount of people who showed up a few years ago when the Panthers gave out yarmulkes. That showed there is a sizable number of Jewish hockey fans in south Florida. Designing an event around one's known fanbase isn't a sign of a religious minority's disproportionate hold over a society or religion showing up where it doesn't belong but a sign of the Panthers knowing their customer base and thus a wise business decision.

In my opinion the Panthers are hosting this event because they have a home game falling on the first night of Hanukkah. I hope that at a home game in December they also host a Christmas tree lighting and show respect for the religious beliefs of their fans by recognizing there various religions and not ignoring them all.

They're trying to fill seats! Everyone needs to stop making this more than it is - a marketing plan.

Doesn't belong at Center ice between periods at games I pay six thousand plus dollars to attend each season. Before the game, after the game but not during the game. How many of those people are season ticket holders season ticket holders anyway? It is insignificant as a marketing tool.

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