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VERSTEEG SPEAKS: Happy to Be Back in Chicago

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MINNEAPOLIS: Kris Versteeg spoke after practicing with the Blackhawks today. These quotes are courtesy of our pal Tracey Myers from Comcast Sports Chicago.

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ON EXPECTING THE TRADE: Shocked. I didn't really know what was going to happen. Florida, we were struggling a little bit and you heard that there might be something going on. But obviously when Dale called me last night and told me I was coming back here, obviously put a smile on my face. And I'm very excited about coming back here.
WATCHING HAWKS WIN AGAIN IN 2013: It was tough. You're watching an old team win the Stanley Cup. Obviously, I'd be lying to say I wasn't jealous. It's something I was a part of in 2010 and it was a very special experience for myself, and to see them go through that again, you know you're very excited for your friends that were on the team and the organization that you did it with in 2010, but obviously you're a little jealous because you'd like to be there, too, and helping. But you're with your team. And whatever team you're with, you've got to help to the best of your abilities. But now, it'd be very nice to do it again here. I'm just excited about the opportunities going forward and trying to fit into this team.
ON FINDING OUT ABOUT THE TRADE: I was just having dinner with a friend in Minnesota and I kept missing the call. It was about 45 minutes later I finally called Dale back. You know, when you see two missed calls and a couple of voicemails, you figure something's up, so right away he told me he traded me and obviously it was to here. It's still a lot to process. I've had so much good times here and you almost put that all in the rear view mirror because you never thought you'd come back. Now I'm back here and it's now about getting back to playing hockey and trying to put my best foot forward every night to try to help the team in whatever way I can.