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BOARDED UP: Broken Glass Leads to Jokes

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The Panthers put up what looked like a piece of plywood after a piece of plexiglass broke behind the Red Wings net in the third period.

The 'plywood' was actually a piece of plexiglass with its protective backing still affixed.

According to a Panthers spokesman, the original piece of replacement glass broke on its way to the ice and the 'third string' piece wasn't fully ready to go.

Another piece - minus the paper backing - was put up before the overtime.



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When we thought the new owners were going to end the poor customer service we get our view of the game blocked

What organization puts up something that blocks the view its customers have of the event.

I hope this is just a mistake by the Violas, (they showed Mr. Viola on "Big Red" laughing it up while his season ticket holders had their view of the Detroit Goal blocked obviously unaware that his organization was about to become a laughingstock again)

They should have made an announcement allowing the people who had their view blocked move to another area, instead we were stuck watching big red and then watching as they focused in on Mr. Viola laughing it up.

This is typical of the business side not having a clue about hockey.

At the Pittsburgh game the people that come on the ice to clean during commercial breaks did not know what to do with a broken stick on the ice, three different people just kicked the stick out of the way instead of picking it up and then continued to clean their area before someone with a brain finally picked up the stick and put it into a trash can.

Now we have papergate, and the excuse is we only have a certain amount of time to replace the glass so now it is a time thing and not get it right.

Mr. Viola your organization got it wrong with the glass replacement.

Wow, dude. I think you're looking WAAAAAAAAYYYY to deep into this; 'papergate'? Really?

Wow. I am a season ticket holder also and I was there last night. I saw plenty of people in that section get up and move to available empty seats as soon as they realized their view was blocked. What's really embaressing is that you chose not to move, you were waiting for someone to announce that you could move? Really? when the place was half empty and there were plenty of seats in the neighboring sections that you could have easily moved to? I agree with Ed, you are making way to much out of this.

A few notes on "papergate"...Look at it like this...The fans behind the blocked glass appeared to be mostly redwings fans. The Panthers saved them from seeing the late tying goal, free of charge. Also, there is a fan in a Devils sweater, so one can only assume he never knew what was going on on the ice to begin with. And finally, I prefer to think of the arena has half full, but that's just me.
To be honest, I'm surprised the wall wasn't covered in JetBlue ads...

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